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astnm specializes in Progressive Care.

Graduating with BSN in Fall 2006

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  1. I am applying to Emory's Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program. I am interested in the part time program. Are any of you in this program or completed this program? Was getting in difficult? What was your GRE score (if you don't mind sharing)? Do you know how many people are admitted at a time? Does the part time program admit each semester or only once/year? I have talked to the admissions department, but they seemed frustrated with my questions, so I stopped asking. I am looking for some inside information about the program. Anything you would like to share would be appreciated. Thank you very much! :nuke:
  2. astnm

    I don't understand how to get a BSN...

    What city and state are you in? That will help us recommend universities in your area. Most bachelor degree in nursing programs do not require that you have an ADN first.
  3. astnm

    I don't understand how to get a BSN...

    You do not need to become a RN first before getting your BSN. I am an RN who entered the field with a BSN without first getting an ADN. (Not that there is anything wrong with ADN programs- I do not want to get into that debate here- this is just the path that I chose for myself). There are 2 ways to become an RN. You can either get an associate degree in nursing or a bachelor's degree in nursing. Look at universities in your area for nursing programs. You will find that there are BSN programs which do not require an RN license to be admitted. There are, however, BSN programs out there that are designed for RN's with associate degrees, but this is not what you are looking for. I hope that I have helped to clear this up for you a bit.
  4. astnm

    OMG.Do Nursing students really practice on eachother??

    I just graduated in December 2006 and we practiced IV's on each other. We were not required to but we could at clinical sites and we did.
  5. astnm

    how does everyone pay for school???

    Have you completed the FAFSA form? I have paid for school with a few scholarships but mostly federal student loans. I have been able to get enough student loans to pay for tuition, books, and supplies. Try going to your financial aid office at school, mine have always been very helpful. Also, I have had to work at least 30 hours/week to pay bills. It is not fun but can be done. Beats being in school forever. I graduate this December with my BSN. :) Good luck!!
  6. astnm

    Please Reply

    As to your question about moving up to Anchorage in January. Yes it is safe. In fact I moved up to Alaska in January about 4 years ago now. I am attending UAA and will graduate in December of this year. Providence has a really great intership program for new graduates. I have not heard of any new grads having trouble finding work. In fact, a couple of the nurses that I have worked with during clinicals have been new grads. If you want information on the internship at Providence go to www.providence.org . Also, as far as furniture rentals we have Rent-A-Center and a few others. Anchorage is a big town. Also, for transportation during the winter months just make sure you have studded tires or snow tires and you should be fine. Of course 4 wheel drive is the best but not absolutely necessary. Rent in town ranges from $900/month and up depending on what you are looking for. I hope this helps you in your decision to move to Anchorage. :)
  7. astnm

    UAA nursing through Fairbanks

    This is the website for the school of nursing at UAA. The program in Fairbanks is an extension of this program. If you contact the school of nursing at 1-907-786-4558 they should have contact phone numbers for you. Good luck!! http://nursing.uaa.alaska.edu//ProspectiveStudents/index.cfm General UAA website: www.uaa.alaska.edu
  8. astnm

    Supplemental Classes for CRNA

    In RE to: Are "nursing research" classes standard courses in a BSN curriculum? I notice a lot of schools require that class I am just finishing up my BSN this December. My school requires Nursing Research for the BSN. Therefore, I am taking it right now. I think this course is very helpful in learning how to analyze research articles.
  9. astnm

    Nurse Salary

    I am excited to hear the pay rates in Houston. I am moving there after I graduate in December with my BSN. I can't wait. Thanks for all of the great info.