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astnm specializes in Progressive Care.

Graduating with BSN in Fall 2006

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  1. astnm

    Relocating and Travel Nursing Quest.

    Thanks for all of your responses, they have been very helpful. I have a couple of phone interviews this week and hope that they result in a job offer. I have also submitted resumes and applications to a couple of travel agencies. :)
  2. astnm

    Moving To Georgia. Apartment Question.

    I want to thank all of you who have replied to my question. I have been applying to Emory Hospital but have not been hired yet. Also, I will be attending Emory University for my Masters degree. I will definitely be looking at apartments close to these locations. Like I said, any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!
  3. astnm

    Moving To Georgia. Apartment Question.

    Thank you for your input. :)
  4. I am moving to Atlanta, GA in 6 weeks from Anchorage, AK. I grew up in SC and visited Atlanta a lot but never lived there. I am trying to line up an apartment before moving down and would like your advice. What are some of the best and worst apartments in Atlanta that you know of. Thank you for your input!!
  5. I currently live in Alaska. I just recently got accepted to a University in Atlanta for graduate school. I am very excited but having a difficult time finding a job while living so far away before moving. I have applied to all of the area hospitals. Hence my question: Has anyone ever used a travel agency when moving to get your foot in the door at a hospital. I think that if I can get a travel assignment there then I will be available for face to face interviews to arrange a job for after the travel assignment. However, I have never been a travel nurse before and do not know which companies are the best. Any advice that anyone has would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!
  6. I currenlty live in Anchorage, AK but just got accepted to Emory University for graduate school. I am so excited but I am having a hard time getting a job in Atlanta prior to the move. Hence my question: Has anyone ever used a travel nurse company when moving to get your foot in the door at a hospital? Is this a good idea? I have never done travel nursing and do not know which companies are good and which are not so good. Any advice that anyone has to offer would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!!
  7. astnm


    I just took the GRE in April and did a lot better than I thought I would do. I had only studied for about 2 weeks and got a 1120 combined and a 4.0 on the written section. I used the Kapplan study guide book. Go for it, I am sure you will do great. Remember, you can always retake it if you don't like your scores and you will have a better idea of the areas you need to study.
  8. astnm

    Question about travel nursing.

    I know this may be a silly question, but do travel nurses have to sign a 1 year or 2 year contract? I am really interested. Are there any companies where you do not have to sign a contract. Which travel nursing companies have you had the best experiences with? Thank you for your responses.
  9. astnm

    Alaska Nursing

    I am a RN at Providence Alaska Medical Center in the Progressive Care Unit. I graduated from UAA and started out as a new grad in the PCU. This is a step down unit from their ACC (ICU). They have great RN intern positions for new grads. You can find job openings at providence.org and apply online. If you want info about moving to Anchorage, Alaska take a look at ADN.com. This site has a lot of links for the information that you need. Getting a job in Anchorage is not hard at all. Good luck!!!
  10. I am applying to Emory's Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program. I am interested in the part time program. Are any of you in this program or completed this program? Was getting in difficult? What was your GRE score (if you don't mind sharing)? Do you know how many people are admitted at a time? Does the part time program admit each semester or only once/year? I have talked to the admissions department, but they seemed frustrated with my questions, so I stopped asking. I am looking for some inside information about the program. Anything you would like to share would be appreciated. Thank you very much! :nuke:
  11. astnm

    I don't understand how to get a BSN...

    What city and state are you in? That will help us recommend universities in your area. Most bachelor degree in nursing programs do not require that you have an ADN first.
  12. astnm

    I don't understand how to get a BSN...

    You do not need to become a RN first before getting your BSN. I am an RN who entered the field with a BSN without first getting an ADN. (Not that there is anything wrong with ADN programs- I do not want to get into that debate here- this is just the path that I chose for myself). There are 2 ways to become an RN. You can either get an associate degree in nursing or a bachelor's degree in nursing. Look at universities in your area for nursing programs. You will find that there are BSN programs which do not require an RN license to be admitted. There are, however, BSN programs out there that are designed for RN's with associate degrees, but this is not what you are looking for. I hope that I have helped to clear this up for you a bit.
  13. astnm

    OMG.Do Nursing students really practice on eachother??

    I just graduated in December 2006 and we practiced IV's on each other. We were not required to but we could at clinical sites and we did.
  14. astnm

    New nurses: night shift to day shift?

    I was hired on day shift in a progressive care unit 7am-7:30pm as a new graduate. The starting pay is $24.24/hour plus $2.00 shift differential for weekends.
  15. astnm

    Migraines! How do you deal with this?

    I too suffer from migraines. When I was in nursing school I would often have migraines and discovered Midrin. This is a miracle medication for me. I have learned that one thing I can do to prevent my migraines is to eat a good breakfast, have a quick mid-morning snackbar, and then eat lunch around 1:00. If I do this then I typically will not get a migraine. I suggest that you work with your physician or NP to figure out what is causing your migraines and then do what you can to prevent them. Don't let migraines get in the way of your dreams. Good luck!!!
  16. astnm

    Question about FFP transfusion

    I would like to thank all of you for your responses. I noticed that someone was unsure what a PCU is, it is a progressive care unit. From the postings, clearly blood tubing is the way to go. I wonder why some nurses use regular IV tubing to infuse fresh frozen plasma.

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