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  1. Hello everyone. I will be moving to anchorage in june of next year and was wondering how many nursing programs are avail out there? I've only seen info for the college. There has to be more than one nursing program right?
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  3. by   akvarmit
    Umm from what I'm aware of, no, UAA is it. I think there's a LPN school, too, but I see little hiring of them in the hospitals. I have also heard there is a big wait list due to UAA being the only nursing program.....
    Hope this helps!
  4. by   akmt
    Yep thats right, I'm an Alaskan and went to UAA for my prereqs and then found out i would have to wait 18-24 months to start the program. I went to the lower 48 to finish school. UAA is the only school that has a BSN program. UAS in Juneau and branches of UAA in places like Bethel and I think Kotzebue have ADN's but that is it..Hope that helps!
  5. by   Kaligirl02
    Wow. Okay. Lol. Thanks for the information. I've been accepted into nursing school out here in CA, but my husband just got word we will be pcs'ing to elmdorf afb. I'll just finishing school out here and join him after I finish. Is there any private schools there for nursing? I don't mind paying a high price tag.
  6. by   akmt
    I'm really sorry but not any I know of unless there was one started in the last 10 months. ( Trust me I would have done anything to stay in the AK). Alaska all though a big state has a tiny population so there aren't many options for school hence why most kids here leave the state for college.
  7. by   Kaligirl02
    Oh ok. Is there a decent amount of nursing jobs out there? I'm sure I will end up working on base but what about ltc and places like that?
  8. by   bmcm2girls
    Quote from ashlie2144
    Oh ok. Is there a decent amount of nursing jobs out there? I'm sure I will end up working on base but what about ltc and places like that?
    My hubby is stationed at Elmendorf and I graduated from UAA so maybe I can help some? Anyway...UAA is the only RN program in Alaska. If your prereq's are done, getting into the ADN program might not be a big deal. The ADN program uses a "ranking" process based on points. So, if you have a decent gpa and have completed all prereq's, you should be pretty close to the top. HOWEVER, the ADN program only starts in the fall....once a year. So, they actually accept less students per year then the BSN program. Honestly, the answer to which program will be fastest will depend on a lot of things and your best bet is to talk with the SON advisors. AVTEC does have an LPN program. But, like someone said, not many jobs for LPN's. But they also have a bridge program (LPN to RN) with UAA and AVTEC that might cut down on wait times.

    As for working on base.......don't be so sure you will end up working there. Unless you are planning on joining the military yourself. They don't have that many civ. positions....and they aren't big on hiring new grads when they do hire civ. The job market isn't any worse up here then in the lower 48. Actually....we are leaving in a few months and the job prospects in the available states is dismal and has me worried. I love my job (at prov) and I love it here so I am not wanting to leave, lol. But, we are hitting our 8 yr mark *sniff*. There is a huge need for experienced nurses up here. New grad demand waxes and wanes pretty regularly though so it is going to be a crap shoot. I know some of my fellow classmates got jobs at Regional and Native as new grads (this was several years ago though) but I am not sure how they work. I know prov has a good deal of "internships"...which are great training opportunities for new grads...but they are all pretty competative.

    Good luck with your move. If I can help with anything...just give me a holler.
  9. by   jeffreyorbit
    good luck
  10. by   smw1123
    Im sorry to hear that. Good luck.

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