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  1. akmt

    need some prayers for family.

    praying for you
  2. akmt


    Hi folks! So i just sent in my SRCOSTEP/ JRCOSTEP packet and was wondering if people had any idea how long it actually takes for them to process it... I know it says 4 weeks on the website and then i got an email from one of the PHS people saying it takes about 2 weeks.. which one is more accurate? And I was also wondering how much longer after sending the application and everything does it take to find out if you got accepted... and did you who got accepted get the agencies you wanted to work for? I specified IHS and BOP and i didn't know if they are super selective or not. Thanks for any info!
  3. akmt

    Externships worth it in long run?

    Hey guys thanks for your replies it looks like they really do help!
  4. Hi, I'm a Junior in nursing school and graduate May 2012 and have already had an internship over the summer with an occupational health nurse.I learned soo much:D What my question is for people who maybe nurses managers or nurses who have externed before... does externing really give you a leg up? In my state (Alaska) there are no formal nurse externships at any of the hospitals so it's not like I can extern at a hospital I will work at. But I think the skills learned and things of that nature would be really beneficial but does it help when it comes to getting hired at a hospital after you graduate even though you did your extern somewhere else? If anyone has any insights I would really like to hear them! Thanks!
  5. akmt


    Hi Ashlie... So i hope I can be of some assistance. I'm an Alaskan and went to UAA just to do my prerequisites and then went out of state for nursing school due to UAA's 12-18 month waitlist for the BSN program. I know that if you have the minimum GPA and all the classes you can apply for the BSN and you will get in. But you have to wait depending and how long you wait is dependent upon how good your GPA is and some other factors ( like if your a male). The ADN program is super competitive and I heard many people have darn near 4.0 to get in to it.. but UAA has a really good program. Yes it is the only place in the state that offers a BSN and i don't know about charter college. Hope this helps
  6. akmt

    anyone have a clinical day

    Haha I know how that feels.... My second day of clinicals at a hospital I had a patient think i was her personal waiter making me run back and forth for i want a pillow... okay here is another one.... ten minutes later... i want another pillow.... she accumalted 4 pillows by the end of it only to leave them on her bed and not even use the.... she then yelled at the other nursing students that I didnt know what i was doing because the thermometer was broke and wouldnt beep so i asked to double check her temp..... I later found out she didn't like me because I'm a Yankee ( i go to school in the south and from the north)... What can you do lol! Hey at least you get to learn to deal with diversity
  7. akmt

    What specialty do you want and not want to work in?

    Rural public health nursing all the way..... I'm from small town AK and going to school in rural Appalachia and doing some clinicals at the local free clinic made me want to be a Public Health nurse real bad.... but i think you have to have a year of med/surg before you get sent out into the field..
  8. akmt

    Relocating to anchorage

    I'm really sorry but not any I know of unless there was one started in the last 10 months. ( Trust me I would have done anything to stay in the AK). Alaska all though a big state has a tiny population so there aren't many options for school hence why most kids here leave the state for college.
  9. akmt

    Relocating to anchorage

    Yep thats right, I'm an Alaskan and went to UAA for my prereqs and then found out i would have to wait 18-24 months to start the program. I went to the lower 48 to finish school. UAA is the only school that has a BSN program. UAS in Juneau and branches of UAA in places like Bethel and I think Kotzebue have ADN's but that is it..Hope that helps!
  10. akmt

    Young Nursing Students

    Hey I'm 19 and have 5 and a half more semesters of nursing school til i graduate.. I was attending UAA in my state of Alaska which one, had a waiting list and two, was the only school that granted BSN's so i as well got was one of the few fresh out of high school students. I transferred to a small private school across the country and most are around 20-23 with quit a few my age. I think it really depends on what type of school you go to. Don't let anyone's comments get you down though...just think...you get to start living your dream way younger