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  1. I have a phone interview with an HR person and a nurse mgr coming up very soon and I stupidly did not ask if the interview would be more behavioral type questions vs clinical or a mixture of. Obviously, I should focus on both to be prepared but it's my first RN interview ever and I am nervous and unsure of what to expect.

    Is the phone interview usually more general type questions for the weeding out process? It sort of threw me that a nurse manager would be included which makes me think it could be more of an in depth interview.

    Also is there a sticky for possible scenario type questions? How do you narrow down what to review for?

    Does anyone have any advice they could throw my way about interviewing for this facility? Or just advice in general? I would be most appreciative (so nervous!)!

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   rotteluvr31
    It's not so surprising that the nurse manager will be involved in your interview. There probably will be some nursing questions, scenario types of questions that an HR person would not be qualified to answer.

    I do not know how familiar you are with Maniilaq, and I don't know. I am only slightly familiar with it, but I would guess there will be questions about how you would handle potential cultural differences and are you able and willing to care for peds and adults. Also, how will you feel about the isolation of the community.

    Good luck on your interview - keep us posted!
  4. by   tewdles
    Are you currently living in AK? If not, they will ask you bunches of questions about living in the region. If this is a long distance interview they will likely ask you very specific job related questions as well. When folks in AK recruit from the lower 48 they conduct a huge portion of the vetting over the phone before they pay $$ to bring you into the area for the face to face.
  5. by   AKFLIGHTRN
    How did your interview go? I work for Maniilaq currently. If you have any questions, let me know.
  6. by   RwanRN2b
    Quote from MNRN2BE
    How did your interview go? I work for Maniilaq currently. If you have any questions, let me know.
    hey, do you still work @ maniilaq? I am interested in working there and wanted more info from an insider