Howdeeeeeee! On my way to Anchorage...

  1. 0 Wish us luck! We're driving from GA with our 3 kids and dog. husband is Army, being reassigned to JBER. I wanted to say hi over here. I've been a stay at home mom for four years, but i am hoping to jump back in to gainful employment with both feet as soon as I can! Any advice for a nurse job searching in Anchorage? Any preference for Native vs Providence vs... somewhere else I hadn't considered? I'm all ears.
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    Hey there! I've lived in Alaska for most of my life and I wouldn't work at the native hospital but that's just me. Providence or Alaska Regional both are great facilities.
    I hope you and your family love the move! It's different but beautiful -- and the people are way nice (course I live three hours away from Anchorage so...)
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    It depends on how educated you are. Alaska Native only hires BSN in the hospital, and South Central Foundation (a part of ANMC) hires LPNs.Providence hires all three,but they are starting to lean more to BSN's as far as the hospital floors are concerned. I am a military spouse who just became a nurse, I am hoping to get hired on at ANMC in their emergency department. If you have any questions feel free to inbox me!
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    Thanks very much to both of you. That is interesting about the BSN requirement. I am a BSN, so hopefully I can find some place soon. I will have to look into Regional as well, I had not heard of that.

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    I work at SouthCentral Foundation (SCF) as an LPN and I like it- once I have my RN, I want to go to the hospital side. Wanted to say that SCF hires LPNs, ADNs and BSNs- and I think I have seen some ADNs at the Native hospital (ANMC) as well. Most ads will say BSN preferred. but there are plenty of both. Also, don't know why the previous poster wouldn't work at ANMC, but I have loved my experience over here. Pay is comparable to other places in Anchorage and the benefits are amazing (401k with match, generous education opportunities and leave, flex spending accts, etc).
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    ANMC has magnet status so they state they prefer BSN's, but will hire any well qualified RN.
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    welcome to AK!
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    So where have you ended up working?!!

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