Tossing around a move to Alabama...any suggestions on where to live? - page 3

I'm curious as to other nurses that live in Alabama and where they are currently living/working and if they like it. Thanks!... Read More

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    HOOVER, i dont need to explain why because when you get here you will love it.

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    I live about 60 miles from Dothan, and the job opportunities are endless for nurses in Dothan, as a previous post said there are 2 Hospitals Flowers and South East Alabama Medical Center, Working as a paramedic for the last 11 years I have transfered many, many, patients to both and both are great facilities. If you are intrested there are also several home health and hospice agencies looking for nurses as well, the job market is pretty much endless around here. I am a new Grad and I have had many offers just not sure what to do yet, most places will train they are that short on staff. Hope this helps.


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