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  1. jace24

    Jeff State/Carson or Wallace/Hanceville???

    i go to wallace and love it...i live in birmingham and commute. I dont mind the drive since i wont be living there after school anyway. As far as which one is better?? im not a person to judge but check the nclex passing rates and compare the two that should explain which is better....here is a list http://www.associatedegreenursing.com/states/alabama/ wallace 2008 NCLEX Pass Rate: 91.1% (146 students) Jeff state 2008 NCLEX Pass Rate: 82.5% (223 students)
  2. jace24

    Lawson State Community College Accreditation

    yes they have lost there accreditation. Its just not updated yet
  3. jace24

    WSCC Fall 09 - textbooks

    you can make A's without reading all those books, i didnt read half of mine. But i keep it for future references. IF i could go back i wouldnt have bought all the books though. like the pharmacalogy book "Karch" my class didnt even use that till second semester.........