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  1. autigermommy

    Steps I should be taking now for RN

    I just graduated with my ADN from Jeff State. I plan on going to JSU starting Summer of 2011 to get my BSN then will continue on with my MSN. You can choose the track that is best for you. One piece of advice would be if you want to do the BSN track, pick a school and stay at that school. I talked with my advisor at UAB and she said that being a transfer student (taking all your pre-reqs at a 2 year or other college) puts you at the bottom of the list when it comes to who gets accepted into the nursing program. Native Students (those that started there as freshmen) get first look... Good Luck!
  2. autigermommy

    Jeff State Grads or Soon to be Grads

    If you are at the Shelby campus, they don't allow us to precept in children's or women's OB areas. They will let you do ER, Med/Surg, ICU, etc. however. I will be doing my preceptorship at St Vincent's East but I won't know the floor or preceptor name until May 7. good luck!
  3. autigermommy

    Where to buy Scrubs in Birmingham??

    i don't know if you feel like driving to Huntsville or not, but these people are AWESOME. I have bought from them before and will definitely buy from them again! The store is laid out so nicely and they have so many choices. Parkway Scrubs Medical Uniforms
  4. autigermommy

    Calculations/Pharm study aid books?

    This may be a little bit late, but if Wallace is anything like Jeff State, you will do math tests every semester. Math For Nurses by Mary Jo Boyer
  5. autigermommy

    New 2009 part-time jeff state class

    Info from a 2nd semester student -- buy the membership to Barnes and Noble, and get your books from there. You will get your money back with your first order, and you will need plenty more study aids and you can use the membership for the discount on them!!!
  6. After spending my entire first semester trying to figure out how to study, I discovered two books. 1. Health assessment made incredibly easy by lippincott williams and wilkins 2. Straight A's Med-Surg Nursing by the same people as #1. The 3rd book that you need to get NOW is called "Math for Nurses" Go ahead and get it and begin working the problems in the book. It pays to have a head start on the calculations. I hope this helps!