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what is the new grad. salary at some of the hospitals in al. preferably areas like birmingham, huntsville, decatur and tuscaloosa?? and which hospitals are paying the most in those areas? :nurse: :nurse:... Read More

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    CardioTrans, thanks for the info. I still have a sometime untill I get to that point. I want to know what all my options are in the future. There are a few different areas of nursing that i'm intersted in. I am actually turning in all my transcripts and application today for the part-time nusing program at Jeff State. I'm pretty confident I'll get accepted. I have 190 total points and BS with a 3.4 cum gpa. All pre-regs are done except Micro Bio which I will be taking this summer. I work full time for UAB (not in the hospital though)now going on 6yrs. I'm hoping to stay with UAB once I'm an RN, atleast until I'm vested. I'm excited and ready to jump in with both feet. I'm sure the waiting up until that point will be the frustrating part.
    Thanks again, Jason

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    You are welcome!!

    Yes........the lovely "hurry up and wait"........... good luck!!!!

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