Micro at Jeff State

  1. anyone taken it--anyone taking it this fall??
    what did you think? compared to a&p. I loved a&p but not so sure about Micro...
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  3. by   Kaazz
    I loved A&P as well. Didnt care for the lecture side of Micro. I didnt feel like I got a whole lot out of the class, but I believe that was because of the professor. I would recommend....PM me for that - dont wanna post names out here.
  4. by   magnolia3957
    thanks..I heard that prof for micro from someone else. I'm just trying to get Jeff State to figure out who will be teaching at night--they do not know yet...typical!
  5. by   09RN
    FYI....you dont have to go to Jeff State for Micro. Several people I know went somewhere else. PM me if youd like to know.
  6. by   tlm2987
    I am in micro now. Actually about to end the semester though, my teacher was great. I took her for a&p 2. I would recommend her. If you want to know who it is pm me and I'll let you know. She isn't the one that most people take.
  7. by   magnolia3957
    did anyone have lm or BGR for microbiology--looks like these may be the choices this fall for evening classes! thanks!
  8. by   autigermommy
    Who did you end up getting for Micro? I took it Spring 08 at Pell City Campus from someone who was only planning on only teaching that one semester. I've heard of one person that is supposed to be really good, but don't know who else teaches it. I loved it. The instructor was really laid back and tested straight from notes....
  9. by   magnolia3957
    I am taking it this semester. The teacher is the worst teacher I think I have had in my entire college career...I have gone to 3 colleges over the years and have a BA. She has a smart mouth and does not foster and attitude to the class that she cares one bit how well you do or learn and understand the material. Nor does she encourage open dialogue and is incredibly defensive when you ask questions or find a mistake she has made. If I could get my money back I would drop it so fast. The entire class of 40 something failed her first exam. I do not think that we do not understand the material, however did not understand her test questions. we are down to about 10 students.
  10. by   AChampion21
    Magnolia~ What campus are you taking the class at? Are you taking it at night? Sometimes the night classes can be the worst. So much material is being crammed in.

    I am hoping it gets better for you!


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