Jeff State Summer 2011

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    Hey! I thought I would start a thread for all the people that are applying for summer admittance into jeff state so we could get to know our possible future classmates. They're accepting 50 on each campus and with the compass completely gone,and the teas v being solely relied on plus course points of course, I think this will make for a INTERESTING admission process to say the least! Any input and comments are welcomed;-)

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    Good luck to you! How many points did u apply with? And which campus are you shooting for??!
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    I applied for the Shelby campus and my point total was 212. I got a 78% on the Teas. If we get accepted, when do we have to pay background/drug testing fees?
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    I think that will be when orientation happens. A classmate got in for springs and she said they paid $1000 when they went to orientation.
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    Are you sure We paid $43 like week after school started and they werent due until like the last week in june and I started last summer we did'nt pay anything at orientation
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    oh yeah you pay the background money to the company they will give you a link to their website
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    That's what my classmate had to do. She told me at orientation for spring- which was like in November I think they paid a stack!
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    You pay nothing...$ Orientation.
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    Well my 202 classmate got in for te spring 11 semester and paid $100 and so did another friend of mine.. Were they being overly studious and being the "early bird" maybe so... But idk

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