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Ok, so I was wandering through our lovely states forum, and I couldnt find an intro page.... So............... thought Id make one! I have been a nurse for almost 12 yrs, currently work in CCU in... Read More

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    Hi there....My name is Amanda and I will be graduating with an ADN from JeffState in May...woohoo!!!....I have recently accepted a position in an NICU which I am very excited and of course nervous about By the way....any advice for the NCLEX????

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    I'm a 29yr old guy, I'll be starting my BSN at the UAB SON on May 9th.
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    I'm a second level student at NACC hoping to grad may 9, 2008
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    nice to meet everyone!!!!! ROLL TIDE
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    HI everyone! My name is Kendra and I'm a pre-nursing student at Wallace Community College in Eufaula. I'm waiting for my acceptance letter for the RN program for the Dothan Campus. I'm a Mom to my 8 year old daughter, Stephanie and a Wife to Keith.
    Great to be here!!
    Roll Tide!!
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    Hi, I have recently moved back to Birmingham from Atlanta,Ga. I am so glad to be back! I always said I would never come back to my hometown that I was getting out of Bham...and I did for a year, but the day I found out I was preg. with my son I told my husband he had 9 mo. to get everything in order to go home! My son is 3 now and we have been back right at 2 years. I am currently taking my prereq's for Nursing at JSCC, took one semester (Spring07) at WSCC..(just really far to drive) I am loving being back in school, its been 5 years since I have, so it has been a little of an adjustment working full time, taking 12hrs, chasing my 3yo, and just handling life in general! But I made it thru my 1 semester back with a 3.0GPA and was so excited! I am currently in the process of applying with diffrent Bham Hospitals, since we closed our family restaraunt I can now go and do my thing. I have 2 interviews so far. One with Med Center East(tomorrow), and the other is with UAB(next friday) I am really excited. Any advice on interviewing or on the hospitals themselves? I am getting my ADN at JSCC and then plan to transfer to UAB for my BSN, MSN. I want to work in the NICU, and Antepartum/Postpartum. I myself spent 3 1/2 weeks of my pregnancy on that floor, I went into preterm at 26 wks, I was on mag. 3 times in 3 wks. I wasnt able to take Terb. except one initial shot because of my heart, it would spike my heart to over 150! I was on bedrest from 26 wks on. I did have one night time nurse that over that 3 weeks missed my medicine time and caused me to start having contractions again! I decided then that when I went back to school that was the place I wanted to work. I felt like my experience would enable me to be a better nurse! So now that you have my life story Any advice welcome!
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    Hi all..... I am finishing pre-nursing classes at night and via e-learning at WCCS this summer. I am waiting for acceptance to CACC's ADN program for Fall 07. The deadline is June 15th so, I should know something really soon. I'm so excited about going back to school and so glad that I found this website.

    A little more about me..... I have been married to a wonderful man for 13 years and have an 8 year old son. I also am working full time right now and plan to readjust my work schedule around my classes each semester.

    So glad to meet all of you.
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    Hey Bama folk, I don't leave in Alabama yet, but I will hopefully be by the end of summer. I applied at USA, Mobile Accelerated BSN program. I don't understand how things are done in the South, but out here, things are done fast. I applied to the 2nd degree BSN program at USA back in Februry and still have not found out if I got in or not. They go round in circles, its extremely annoying.
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    Hey ya'll, 26 (soon to be 27) yr old guy down at AUBURN doing my accel. BSN, graduate Dec 07, YEAHHHHHH. Hopefully then to UAB SON for MSN's in ACNP/RNFA & FNP. WOOOOO WHOOOO !!!!!

    Ohh yeah.....WAR EAGLE !!!!!
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    Hi to all you AL nurses and soon to be nurses. I've been a nurse 13 yr. and currently work in Opelika. Got my ADN from So. Union (Go Onion) and my BSN on line from USA (great program). I've worked in critical care for most of the 13 years and have recently made the decision to try to get in to CRNA school. I have 3 kids (25 years, 10yrs, and 3.5 yrs) and 1 (soon to be two) grandkids. Throw in a couple of dogs, a couple of cats, an obnoxious guinnea pig, and a handful of bearded dragons and you have the craziness that is my life. WAR EAGLE to all you who are Auburn fans and to Bama fans - well better luck this year.

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