Dothan's Wallace Community College

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    Do any of you know about Wallace Community College near Dothan?

    My parents live there and say that they don't have enough students going into the nursing program there! Something about an ad in the newspaper trying to recruit students to the nursing program? I live in Los Angeles and all of our school are impacted with waiting lists up to 2 years!

    Any info would be appreciated!

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    My brother and sister-in-law both attended Wallace CC in Selma - they graduated about 2 years ago. I know around that time the school had a very high pass rate. I am not sure what the pass rate is now - but you can find it on the Alabama board of Nursing website.

    They both are excellent nurses - and they feel they got a good education from Wallace and hey -- they actually found their soul mates at that school!:kiss
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    They said there aren't enough students @ WCC?! Wow, that's actually hard to believe. I'm 4th of 5 semesters @ WCC-Dothan and we are practically overflowing with nursing students! My freshman class alone started with more than 100 students- we're now down to about 60. I was just talking to one of my faculty advisors yesterday and she said there are close to 300 students in the program! You can find the pass rate @

    WCC has done away with the waiting list, which used to be more than 2 years, now they are using a point system (an A gets 30 pts., B 20 pts, etc) they take as many as they can who have enough points.

    I am the president of WANS (Wallace Association of Nursing Students) so if I can get you any information, I'll be glad to help!
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    I was accepted into the nursing program LPN-RN program in Aug. 06, but had a death in the family and did not attend. In this bridge class there were thirteen of us. 3-4 of us had to drive over an hour one way to get there. It seem like a good school. I just applied for spring 07.
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    I attended Wallace in Dothan & as of right now, I think you can get in very quickly. Excellant school!
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    TONJOSHELL, are you in the LPN or RN program? I'm waiting on an acceptance letter for Spr07. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope to receive a letter soon. How is the program? When I'm accepted I will be taking NUR200, Have you had this class?
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    Hello, I am in the first semester at Wallace-Dothan in the RN program. There were approximately 120 accepted and probably 5 or more have dropped since mid-term. I think its a very good school thus far, and the instructors are great. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask..

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    Militaryspouse, are you in the LPN-RN mobility program or generic RN Program? Who are your instructors? When will you graduate?
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    Hey, I am in the RN program. I am not a LPN. My instructors are Owens,York,Rogers and Whitlow.. They are great instructors I think.
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    I got accepted into the program at Wallace.

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