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  1. 0 does anyone know anything about intelistaf? i am relocating to the nashville area from memphis,tn in december and thinking about working at an agency. it seems to look pretty good on the website ( ) but you never can tell. if anyone knows any good agencies in the nashville,tn area let me know. thanks.
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    Hello just wanted to tell u what i know about intelistaf. dont know much about your area but i recenty relocated to minnesota from southern wisconsin and am having problems getting and keeping work with mmy current agency so i decided to contact intelistaf and get signed on with them as well. when i talked to my recruiter she was very helpful even with general agency questions. everyone that i have ever known to work for intelistaf has absolutely raved about it saying that it has been the best agency that they have ever worked for. i am hoping to say the same.
    good luck to you on your new adventures and hope this helps!!
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    I worked for Intelistaf in the Carbondale, IL. area, and I really liked it. The recruiter and staffer were bothextremely nice. I worked the hours I wanted to work and the pay was great. There was an incident with a nursing home that I worked a shift in and there was a difference between me and an (incompetent) nurse. Immediately, I called the office and told them exactly what happened and they were behind me 100%. Luckily, nothing came of it but it was nice to know that my company was behind me. I don't know if it differs state to state but I was pleased with what I experienced there. I hope this helps! :spin:
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    My wife has worked agency and travel for intelistaf. We love it. Once you prove yourself, they really take care of you. They are a huge company, so they have room to negotiate pay and benefits and have positions all over the country. I would thoroughly review your pay stubs, as they tend to make mistakes frequently, but are quick to fix the problems.
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    I'm not real impressed with Intelistaf. I faxed them my resume and a recruiter called me this morning. Maybe she was new to her job, but she asked me questions that were very clearly answered on my resume. When I would answer a question, she would say "Oh yeah, I see that you have that on your resume".
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    I've worked for InteliStaf since 2001 in Columbus Ohio. Starmed was a disaster, but did not affect pay or service to employees. I have been communicating with new MSN office, and they are very responsive and helpful. I am lucky that my former InteliStaf manager is still my manager. As my on-line name may indicate, after 32 years, most critical care and some traveling and insurance, I am burnt out so badly I have yet to take an assignment or complete paperwork. Interviewing tomorrow for a position far far far away from the tyrannical hierarchy of ignorant hospital administration, 14 hour days with no thanks, whining families, rude physicians, too many new grads on CCU/cath lab right out of school.....but I will work soon day shift in an ER through good ole MSN...they have ALWAYS made me feel valued and do respond to email or phone calls.