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  1. ShortyLPN

    Anybody work agency full time?

    Hi, I'm in the Indianapolis area as well. :) What I've done is apply to two different agencies, although my one has been pretty good about keeping me full time. I have had some trouble with low census though. Also, the comment about experience with different specialties helps also! Good luck!
  2. ShortyLPN

    Cat Calls

    Hey ya'll, I've got a feeling I already know what the answer is, but I think I'll get the opinions of you seasoned correctional nurses. How do you cope with all of the cat calls and sexual harrassment that goes on? I just started going to the county jail through my agency and I'll tell you it's like nothing I've ever done before. Everywhere I go, I get cat calls or other sexual things yelled at me...the women CO's don't tolerate it, but the men CO's sometimes laugh, think it's funny. I don't "mind" the marriage proposals and "You're so beautiful"s but after 12 hours of it..it can get a little tiring. I don't want to be completely heartless and not enjoy my job at all...and I don't want to make them mad...because they're released everyday. Also, I don't want them to think that I want them or want to have an affair with them...so how do you stay along that fine line? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!!!! :)
  3. ShortyLPN

    General Healthcare Resources???

    Thanks foryour reply! I'm so glad to hear that. Heather is going to be my scheduler I think. I've only talked to her once to tell her what I wanted. Did you get the hours you wanted and everything?
  4. ShortyLPN

    Any Vincennes University students out there??

    Hey! Actually, I would be done but I had to drop out for personal reasons. I'm taking courses right now to get my BSN through ISU. I wish you luck through all of it. Med/Surg was tough, I'll tell you that right now. So, you'd better get ready to study!!!!!
  5. ShortyLPN

    General Healthcare Resources???

    I am moving to Indy and have been talking with an agency called General Healthcare Resources. Has anyone heard of them or have any experience with them? The lady I have been talking to seems very nice and the communication has been excellent. I have worked agency before so that's not a problem. She said they also have temp jobs and temp to perm. jobs, so I think I might go for that. Anyone have any experience with them or know someone who has? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. ShortyLPN

    Moving to Vincennes area

    I absolutely agree with the South Knox suggestion. I went 2 years to Vincennes and finished out at South Knox. I wish I had gone there long before I did. Good luck in whatever you wish to do! :)
  7. ShortyLPN


    Hello! I worked for Intelistaf in the Carbondale, IL. area, and I really liked it. The recruiter and staffer were bothextremely nice. I worked the hours I wanted to work and the pay was great. There was an incident with a nursing home that I worked a shift in and there was a difference between me and an (incompetent) nurse. Immediately, I called the office and told them exactly what happened and they were behind me 100%. Luckily, nothing came of it but it was nice to know that my company was behind me. I don't know if it differs state to state but I was pleased with what I experienced there. I hope this helps!
  8. ShortyLPN

    Moving to Vincennes area

    Hello! I was born and raised and went to nursing school in Vincennes. I'm an LPN so I'm not sure of the pay rates for RN's. I used to work for Good Samaritan Home Care and liked it okay. From what I know, they are better paid than the hospital RN's. Unfortunately, Good Samaritan Hospital isn't really up to date as far as pay goes with the rest of the competition. If you want to go to a hospital, I would recommend going to E'ville for the better pay. I know this probably isn't good news to hear, but Knox County isn't very good as far as pay goes. Maybe someday they'll catch up to the rest of the world. :) Sorry I couldn't be more help. Good luck in whatever you do!
  9. ShortyLPN


    Thanksall for your posts! Funny you should say that..I'm talking with a company now about a correction facility position. I'm a little nervous, but willing to give it a chance. I've tried St. Vincent and Clarian..they all want RN's. Well thank you all for your posts and support! :wink2:
  10. ShortyLPN

    Thinking about getting into corrections....

    Hey all. Thanks so much for your honesty. You're right, all everyone says is how much they love it and etc. Now I'm kind of doubting it. Would med. security be as bad as what you previously posted? Thanks again.
  11. Hello! I have been talking with a facility about one of their openings in corrections. I am just a little nervous about it. I'm afraid that I'm not "hard" enough for it...I don't mean hard...I just get emotionally attached sometimes. Has anyone had these feelings before? Were you nervous when you started and if you were how did you overcome it? I feel like this is something I really want to try. I just need to push the nervousness aside. I'd appreciate your input! Thanks
  12. ShortyLPN

    Do you have a diagnosis of mental illness?

    Wow. Thank you all so much for your stories. I was diagnosed with Bipolar I-mixed about 4 months ago, after being misdiagnosed for approx. 10 years. It's so great to hear all of these things when you've felt so alone in your illness. I've always been treated for Major Depressive Disorder. In Feb. I told someone that I felt like committing suicide. So, they helped me into hospitalization. That place was a complete waste of my time..and money. I don't feel as though I benefited from it at all. After my hospitalization I had to drop out of RN school, (I was in my last semester) because I had already failed one class andmy motivation was just not there. My professor said she knew something was going on because I am normally an A-B student, and then I failed. Anyways, at the hospital they put me on Lexapro. NOW, I know that if you put a bipolar person on just an anti-depressant, it can throw them into a manic state. Well, whala..there it came. In my manic states I basically don't sleep, impulsivity and spending sprees. After dropping out of school, I moved 3 hours away to be with my now husband. I tried to seek help, like therapy, but it was going to be 6 months before I could see anyone. How rediculous is that?? First I started depressed, sleeping, crying and self mutilation. Then, mania set in..and impulsivity led me to take sleeping pills, without even thinking about it.My husband found me and took me to the ER.They made me stay out in the waiting room! They were in no rush. They didn't give me anything, no charcoal or pumping my stomach. After something like that, how can you not think that nobody cares about you? After that, they wanted to put me in the hospital again in May. I absolutely refused knowing that the last one didn't help. So, she offered this Partial hospitalization, where you go half day. That seemed to help. That's where I got the DX. But, he's known for drugging people. He put me on Depakote. I got so sick from that, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, etc. This was after I was released. I called the office and he told me to stop taking it cold turkey. This was 2 days from my wedding! I started having withdrawls from the depakote. It was awful. During this time, I got a new job down here. I thought it was my dream job. It was a private practice with only about 5 employees...just me and another nurse. Well, I had a little crying episode and started calling around town for help, I needed someone NOW. Well...in order to explain my behavior, I decided to disclose my dx. They were very kind, Christian people, so I didn't think anything of it. The other nurse there..well she kind of runs the show if you know what I mean. After this, she started treating me differently, pointing out every little thing I was doing wrong, was being rude and rolling her eyes if I asked her a question, etc. Later I found out that she said she had an aunt that was bipolar and it was "bad". When it came up to my 3 month evaluation..I was let go. I know it was because of my diagnosis and the nurse. They'll never admit it, they can make something up. Their reasoning is that "my confidence level wasn't were it needed to be." But it was pretty obvious. That was a month ago. Now I'm still dealing with feeling like a failure,an outcast and trying to deal with the unemployment. I've been without money for a month. Sorry this is so long...I've just been wanting to talk with someone so bad who has gone through the same thing, for someone who knows how exhausting it is to act and feel normal, to be frustrated with having to take medications each and every day. I'm with a new therapist now and we're trying out some new medications. Besides the nausea:doh: it seems to be working..so cross your fingers. I'm trying to restart my life, I'm taking classes online so I can finish my RN. I just wanted to thank all of you for your stories, and appreciate you for your courage. It takes a great deal of strength just to endure this, much else talk about it. If anyone would like to talk or chat, please feel free to PM me. I wish you all the best of luck and God bless you! :wink2:
  13. ShortyLPN


    Hey all. I'm moving to Indianapolis in December and I'm getting extremely frustrated with the job outlook there. It seems all there is is LTC or home health. Now, I have done both and there's nothing wrong with either of them, but I guess I just expected more. I think I expected more choices for a LPN being in a bigger city. I guess it's true that LPN's are getting phased out. Can anyone help me shed some light on the job situation? Is there alot more out there that I'm missing? I'd appreciate all the help I can get, because I'm kind of running out of time. Thank you all! :)
  14. ShortyLPN

    Moving to Indiana soon!!

    \ I absolutely agree with this statement. I grew up in Vincennes. I got my LPN education there. The pay is rediculous, especially when you can drive 45-60 min to get better pay. I acutally took a weekend job in Louisville one time, and they paid me almost 3 times what I would've made in Vincennes! Good luck with finding what your looking for! :)
  15. ShortyLPN


    Hey everyone! I may be moving to Indianapolis in a few months and I was just wanting to see if anyone has any suggestions. I'm an LPN woking on my BSN but that won't be for another couple of years. Do hospitals even hire LPN's in Indy? If so, what are the better ones to work for? What side of Indy is the best to live in? We're thinking of moving to a smaller city outside of Indy but not too far of a drive. If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! :)
  16. ShortyLPN

    LPN to BSN from ISU

    Hey Ya'll. I haven't posted in quite a while and I saw this thread. I am enrolled in The College Network. It is a good program...but be very careful..it can be misleading. The college network is actually a publishing company. They provide you with study guides to take tests to basically test out of a course. I have heard that you don't even need this. To take the tests, you have to take the tests through Excelsior college. You don't actually enroll into the college, but take the excelsior examinations. It's kind of confusing. Also, once you sign your name on that paper...they have you..it is BINDING. You have 3 days to cancel. Cmon...you don't even have your study guides by then. They have you under contract that they will not let you out of..even if you lose your job. Luckily, I have alot of my credits so I only have to take about 8 classes. I am taking my first Excelsior test on Monday.:smackingf As said before..just taking the test can be expensive...mine are about $160. But you think about what regular tuition would be and all the time spent in the classroom, it's not all that bad. All in all I do think it is a good program to be in...but just BE SURE that that is what you want before signing anything! Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!:wink2:

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