Dealing with nosey nurses

  1. I recently signed in as an agency nurse in a hospital after a year do other things outside from hospital nursing and why is it that after x5 mins of meeting the incoming nurses.or any nurse that comes your way....they want to know
    1. do your agency pay good?

    2. where else you work?

    3. did you do this and that during report time just to make the report much longer...

    how do you deal with this mess? i worked nights and the full time nurses diddle daddle around ...come in late...and dont want to take report esp if new agency nurse around....

    even when i am on break in the lobby or outside the door ( worked nights ) to breathe fresh air or do a personal time like taking a fart... ...the full time nurse will sneak in close to me to ask me those questions.....

    any advice greatly appreciated....i am new to this agency although not new to agency nursing and have not been paid yet ...all i know is i earn peanuts and the owners are at home with their families making big bucks even when they are asleep or making love...their big pay is always rolling in....

    i am just upset why these full time nurses are always picking on the agency nurses....thanks for listening
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  3. by   caliotter3
    They are only sizing you up and trying to establish a rapport. They would like to see how useful you will be as far as assisting them with their own employment goals. Just give generic answers and smile a lot. Give generic advice. I would not give them the inside leverage, if that is in your ability, until you see if they are the type of employee that you want to associate your reputation with. After all, what are they going to do for you? You can always change your approach if any of them prove to be helpful to you. Sounds like you need to get some rest and get your guard back up. You don't want anyone to push you into saying or doing something that is not in your own best interest. Good luck with this assignment.
  4. by   jahra
    Set limits, ask them a ton of questions since you are the
    guest, agency nurse.... ask questions relating to you
    doing a great job while working this facility.
    Then, as Caliotter states above think generic for answers.

    You are so lucky, because being agency you can keep moving...
    to another assignment.

    Take away message-you owe them no explanation of your hours,
    agency etc... be a stealth nurse, arrive, do your job,depart the
    airspace. If you set limits with your behavior, they will get the hint..
    and if not, be direct.
  5. by   Aviationurse
    Thanks so much Caliotter and jahra for your kind replies
  6. by   TriciaJ
    I think the regular nurses might be looking for the exits and sizing up if your employment lifestyle would work for them. I really don't think they're picking on you; just trying to figure out what their own options are.
  7. by   Kashia
    ok, yes. The professional and think good first response is they may be "exploring" for their own personal goals and genuinely just want to get to know you.
    Or they may be one of those Nurse Hatchets that are hoping to get you to open up and talk so they can build their own (mental) case around you. not kidding not exaggerating- there are some real wack-a-doodles out there:-)))....especially noc shifts.
  8. by   DixieRedHead
    1. Does your agency pay good? "It's a living."
    2.Where else do you work. "Here and there"
    3. Do you do this and that to make report longer? "Do you?"
    On break if they come up to you try to let that fart when they are talking to you.

    I hate nosy people.
  9. by   RN Zeke
    DixieRedHead....I love your response. I have been questioned while trying to eat, what a pain in the throat and tummy. I hate talking and eating on a timed schedule as we might just have enough time to gulp down our food...Let alone answer nosy people...
  10. by   ®Nurse
    I used to work Agency. A Lot. It's like having to learn the street smarts of nursing 101 in a crash course. The one thing I learned was to NEVER give an answer to a question until you knew the motivation of person asking the question. (Why they wanted to know.)
  11. by   RN Zeke
    And to think these are educated adults looking for a reason to pounce on another nurse in some manner. Remids me of a crazy movie with various plots.
  12. by   Aviationurse
    They are always preying on the agency nurses and fishing out personal info...why we still dont get a full time job.....if we have insurance or not...blah blah blah.....
  13. by   royhanosn
    if you dont feel comfortable with question of nurse, dont give it, or ask her/him, why? if she prods, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, hon! Unless its part of the form that is being filled out.
  14. by   RN Zeke
    What would the staff nurse response be to us if we asked them awkard questions. Where do you live, what do you make an hour, what are your benefits, are you married, have a signifant other and of what sex, children how many, who takes care of them while you run around the country or go from job to job, got any insurance, what kind of a vehicle do you drive, own or rent and the BS just goes on. Usually while I am trying to have MY LUNCH BREAK. My response is will you write all those questions down?? I am trying to have my lunch break that I am not getting paid for!!! Glad you want to be friends. Do you want to meet or take me to dinner after work and then we can talk???