Interest in becoming an Aesthetic RN in CA

  1. Hello All!

    I am highly interested in becoming an Aesthetic RN. I currently practice in a hospital on a tele floor in CA. After applying to several (many, many, many) positions in the cosmetic/derm field, I have found that all MD's do not want to train RN's, but would rather hire an experienced laser/botox RN. I really do not blame them. The only job offer I received was at a medi-spa where I believe the owner was practicing illegally.

    So here I am nearly a year after searching and realizing that experience is the key. Has anyone:

    1. Taken an Aesthetic Certification course?


    2. Been interested in taking an Aesthetic Certification course?

    There are many up and coming regulations submitted to the BRN so things will soon be changing as far as licensure and certification to practice lasers/botox/fillers. All this will cost $$$$$. For now, we must find our own way and find a safe way to practice.
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  3. by   MarBug7
    I am also super interested in this field, but I am a brand new grad, so no experience at all. I am not even sure if this is a field a new grad could work in? I have been researching this as well, and I have found there is not a lot of answers. It appears to be hard to break into, hard to get certified, etc, but this is just what I have seen so far. Conflicting and a lot of confusing information. I am VERY interested in the replies to this post as well.
  4. by   bnurse88
    I'm a bit confused. Is this a certificate program or a Master's program? Are you talking about being a CRNA? If so, there are quite a bit of programs in CA, but they're VERY competitive.
  5. by   mhinds12
    This topic has absolutely nothing to do with a CRNA...."Aesthetic" has to do with dermatological care. It has nothing to do with anesthesia. Sorry i just had to put that out there so other people aren't confused!
  6. by   ExPharmaGirl
    Do aesthetic RNs administer botox/filler's? I thought the MD's only did that. I'm not an RN yet, just starting in NS, but I've been in the aesthetic biotech industry for 4 years. I know you need to be extremely skilled with botox (it's an art), otherwise you can produce some really funky looking results.
  7. by   roser13
    Quote from CPhTBrent
    I'm a bit confused. Is this a certificate program or a Master's program? Are you talking about being a CRNA? If so, there are quite a bit of programs in CA, but they're VERY competitive.
    Hmmmm.....aesthetic vs. attention, folks!
  8. by   bnurse88
    Ahhhh, very true. Thanks for pointing that out for me! My bad! What it is written and what I wanted to see were two different things.
  9. by   SWS RN
    I have also been interested in this field.

    However-until the economy really turns around I don't think you should invest any money into this.

    I know that even here in So Fl (in a very affluent area) elective procedures are way down. An Rn friend of mine was laid off b/c the Dr. began doing all of the procedures she used to do.

    Cosmetic surgeries and procedures are unfortunately among the first to go.

    I strongly believe that you should have general experience before you work in a highly specialized field such as this.
    Especially in the so called "Med Spas"
    There was an RN who died in one just last Nov in Fl while undergoing a cosmetic procedure-I think it was lipo... It was all over the news. The MD was not able to save her or did not try, can't remember which, but it was simple CPR...where were the nurses? (granted, you won't be doing lipo by yourself, but you could be asked to assist)

    however, I digress...just saying you need to be ready for anything...even in cosmetics.
  10. by   CandiceHolly
    Thank you for the responses thus far; additional responses are always welcome.

    Thus far, there seems to be a lot of confusion: economic, legal, and experience.

    To the Florida example, it is the RN's responsibility to be prepared with the education and training necessary for his/her job (ie. if you work in a plastic surg office where the MD may need you in the OR, it behooves the MD, you, and pt to be educated).

    Being the type of person to not make excuses and to just go for what makes sense, I will be enrolling in an aesthetic certification course. I heed the advice of the economic downfall, however, CA is not seeming to be struggling in this field. All the beauties around here are not giving up on turning the clock of time.

    Again I question, would anyone be interested in attending one of these courses? It may save money to share a hotel/expenses for a 3-4 day course. My requirements include being trained by experienced MD's, that the course is offered to only MD's, NP's, PA's, and RN's, and a certificate of completion is given.

    - Many may say that a certification course is a waste of money and an MD will train you.

    It is rare that an MD will hire an inexperienced RN, unless he/she wants to save money paying you less. Moreover, the training will be interupted by the MD's schedule and limited by his/her knowledge. The environment of a busy office is not conducive to learning.

    - What does being "certified" mean?

    To the BRN, nothing; to your employer, experience; to your patient, trust. Most importantly, to you, who is taking control of advancing your own knowledge and career.

    Side Note: The BRN is not recognizing ANY aesthetic program and has not yet gotten their hands, or fees, into this area of medicine. Be aware that it is inevitable they will approve and require a certification. In this case, you will probably need to pay them some $$ and take a test.

    - There is also the MEP-C (Medical Esthetics Practitioner-Certified).

    I don't want to confuse you, but you can read more here: The site curiously does not mention the BRN, or what this certification will mean to you when the BRN finds their way into aesthetics.

    RN's have a ways to go in this field. Anyone interested in being a pioneer? You may even be able to influence the BRN in the certification process!

  11. by   SBRN12

    Your post dates back a little while but I am hoping that you will see my post. I have been struggling to break into the Medspa field. I am highly interested in getting away from the ICU and want so much to work in the medical aesthetic setting. I, like you, have applied all over the place and have received the same song and dance about having experience first. No MD wants to train a new RN in this field.

    I have just recently moved to southern California and am looking for a reputable company to gain the training necessary to accomplish my dream of opening up a medspa of my own someday. I am hitting so many roadblocks and would appreciate any info you can give me regarding a facility that will train me in multiple modalities.

    Thank you so much and I hope you have been successful on your journey!!!
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  13. by   MsRN247
    Hi SBRN12,
    I am one of many many many RNs with interest in aesthetic nursing... came across your post just today. I know its been months since you've posted this note, but I was just wondering where you are now. Have you found your dream nursing career in the medspa field already? I have been doing home health for quite some time now, and recently I have had a huge interest in medspa nursing. If you have any good tips on where to get training... take courses? or try to find a job that would train me? (i doubt it) I'm kinda stuck... .don't know what to do! I'm thinking about applying to different places though
    any thought would be bery helpful!!!
  14. by   KMED333
    Hello everyone! I am new to this site & hopefully doing this correctly! I have a BS in organizational leadership. I am also an esthetician working out of a medspa. Currently, I'd like to become an RN to do cosmetic procedures, like botox, etc. Could anyone guide me as to where I should go? I live in Redondo Beach, California & I am near a city college (where I took 1 year of nursing pre-req. courses). What is the best way to go to become an aesthetic nurse?...