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Hi all-- I am really interested in the medical aesthetics thing--botox, stuff like that. Anybody know where I can get trained? I live in Colorado, by the way. THANKS :p... Read More

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    Quote from spark540

    i'm a BSN nursing student in about to graduate. i plan on moving to cali soon after passing the nclex. i would love to get into esthetics! would you please pass on your insider tips? the esthetics nurses don't make much here in vegas. do you think it is worth it to try getting experience in this field before applying to the medspas/plastics/derm when i move to cali? i'm just confused as to where i should start since it's going to be at least 6 months before i actually move. any info would be greatly appreciated.

    If you want to apply somewhere in Vegas right after getting licensed, I have a place for you to try. The place also happens to have locations in Cali, so if you worked there (and like it) you could always put in for a transfer when you decide to move to Cali.
    Message me and i'll give you details....
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    HI there,
    I am a RN/Aesthetician.
    I am struggling to find out how to change from Pacu rn to medical aesthetics.
    I saw the thread where I should get some training on injectables- that was helpful.
    How do I find a consultant that can help direct me??
    Thanks much
    Ps I live outside of Boston Mass
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    Hey Tanya RN,
    Where is the school in Austin TX??
    Can you give me any contact information.
    I have been a nurse for 20 years and also have my aesthetic license but have done nothing w/it.
    I really want to do medical aesthetics and work under a plastic
    Any help would be great !!
    Ps I love outside of Boston
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    following is my reply to another post. i am passing it along to you all in the hope it will save you time and money with your research.

    hello kim,
    got your pm re: laser training. i did have some luck and got the training. it was very costly yet private & very helpful. i would not recommend doing what i did. there are other options to get this training on-the-job for free. although you will have to be persistent a "med-spa" or plastic surgeon will eventually hire you as an rn and train you. you will get paid far less then usual for an rn. but if you can manage to take a part time job with one of them while working your rn position this is the best way to go about it.

    i actually put my ambitions of starting a "med spa" on hold due to 3 things:
    #1 - the liability involved
    #2 - back then (that was an old post) laser hair removal was not yet considered to be "within the realm of nursing care" and it was under investigation by the ma. board of nursing.
    #3 - after learning more about the treatment i had some moral/ethical issues with it. because it is in fact not "permanent" hair removal, as most people believe.

    so, as far as the med spa field goes i would advise against pursuing it. there is just too much liability and overhead involved in starting your own shop. unless you have a very healthy amount of cash to invest in it, a couple of years to waste making very little profit and the patience to deal with consistently unsatisfied customers. remember: extremely vain people (your clients) are seeking something they will most likely never attain. when they do not – its your fault not their unrealistic goals. it will not matter how much education you gave them…they will want a refund or they will sue you, possibly both! and since you’re an rn they may feel it is within reason to report you to the board of nursing. you’re on your own out there and insurance will not keep you from losing your license.

    if a new career or just a change is what you are seeking try something completely different then nursing. i promise you it will be a breath of fresh air and worth every second. i have been fairly successful so far with my small business. i started it many years ago while in college just to earn some extra cash. there is lots of fun and creativity involved, virtually no liability or overhead and for the most part clients are extremely thankful for your services.

    hope some of this has been helpful. feel free to contact me if you have other questions or if you have an interest in doing this sort of thing yourself.

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    I just wanted to say thank you to you because your responses to posts gave given a lot of great information. I know that you said that after getting hired they will train you for free. I was just wondering if I shouldget some training, maybe not on everything in aesthetics, before applying to jobs. I just question whether it will look better to them if I do have some training. The training is expensive and would love to get it for free!! Thanks again.
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    Quote from healthyhere
    As im reading each post on this thread I want to respond & give helpful advice that will benefit you professional and financially in your quest to get into the aesthetic side of medicine!

    Instead I will simply begin by stating a couple things (and later be happy to keep answering the other questions).
    * Paying for aesthetic training on lasers & actual cosmetology type procedures is the wrong focus for an RN! Once employeed, training will be provided on lasers & equipment by the manufacturer or your employer. The only type of training that would even benefit you before getting your first aesthetic med position, is possibly injectables. Which if you are an experienced RN & have a knack for the needle.. this will be a breeze. Contacting the manufurer of these injectables to seek treatment is a great source. Allergan (maker of botox) is based in SoCal but has offices throughout the U.S.
    *Before deciding to BE YOUR OWN BOSS with a medspa set up, first gain experience by working at one - hands on training/experience is the best way. If unsure of the BUSINESS aspect, hiring a consultant to assist you in developing your new business is not a bad idea!
    *Each State has different regulations when it comes to aesthetics and what is "medical" and who can do what. You, as an RN, want to stick with the MEDICAL (more $$) portion of this industry as opposed to becoming aestheticians or learning how to do $50 facials and applying makeup!!! YOUR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS ALREADY - LETS NOT HAVE YOU DOWNGRADE WHEN YOU HAVE THE LICENSE ALREADY TO DO THE MORE PROFITABLE PROCEDURES!!
    * An RN inexperienced in aesthetic medical procedures that can SELL me on her self during an interview, will be the one that Im confident will be able to promote and sell the clinics treatments, not just do them! Youre an RN, so a hiring manager know's youre capable of treating their patients safely after training... BUT CAN YOU SELL WHAT YOUR ADMINISTERING? Its a key skill that alot of you are overlooking and what will be the difference in your future success in Aesthetic medicine. So if youre confident to go into an interview with no formal aesthetic training, no actual aesthetic experience, yet you KNOW you are perfect to do these procedures and you want everyone to have them done!!!! Then youre more qualified than the person who went to a class to learn about facials and a good company or clinic will hire you - AS IS!! AS AN EXPERIENCED RN - NOT AESTHETICIAN!

    I could go on and on ... lol

    I've interviewed plenty of nurses for these positions some of you seek and I've consultanted and trained many who have branched out on their own. I truely wish you all well...
    and the best advice i can give in general is for you to be COST affective with your sesires for "training on procedures" . Alot get it for free so you spending your money on it and not having much left over for your marketing needs - THAT IS A BIG MISTAKE when opening your own.
    For those who simply seek employment - GO APPLY WITH CONFIDENCE
    Those starting their own company - hire a consultant, even if just for a day as opposed to fully (to keep cost down) and get the info you need to start RIGHT! Its a competitive business, you dont want to fail before you've even begun.

    In the meantime, you can find info on your state's government, commerce or health department webpage on legalities.
    Another no cost source is the manufacturers you are buying your equipment from!! They're very helpful before & during the potential sales process ;-) And if they really like you they'll get you in touch with the right info and people. Note: ive done pro-bono consulting after reps begged me to help their customers whom they felt were not going to succeed due to lack of knowledge.
    So use them, especially if you're gonna buy things from them.

    If you really dont know where to tart, just let me know where youre looking to work, what your questions are and i'll do my best to point you in the right, least costly direction.

    Have a grea day.

    ** My current career (that i'll be putting on pause to seek a nursing degree this fall) is as a national Medical Aesthetic Management Consultant, specializing in medical business development, training, marketing, support and consultative sales training.
    Healthyhere - I'm a RN and just registered on this site. I am considering moving to SF Bay Area and am interested in laser nursing training/opportunities. I would be so appreciative if you would pm me to chat about laser nursing in Derm and Plastic Surgeon MD offices and medispas.

    THANKS in advance!
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    Healthyhere, thank you for all of your information on the medical aesthetics field. It can be discouraging when I hear about the liability issues, and the difficulty in finding a medical director, and chance of lawa suits.
    I live in Philadelphia and just applied to a large medispa and hoping to be employed at least part that I may learn on the job training. I'd love to take those certification courses, however, very costly right now. Thanks again!
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    Can anyone tell me what the medical director(doctor's) percentage is, the nurses percentage, and the medspa's - for botox injections?

    Any information would be appreciated! Thanks.
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    Quote from margoclnc
    Can anyone tell me what the medical director(doctor's) percentage is, the nurses percentage, and the medspa's - for botox injections?

    Any information would be appreciated! Thanks.
    Hi. I don't know what medical directors and medspas get. I had been offered $30.00/hr.

    When I was certified in botox and dermal fillers it was a course with many medical docs in it. The instructor said to charge 13 to 15 dollars per unit. A Botox vial can be used for many different clients, you just need to use it in 30 days after you use it. I've seen profits(not me personally) of about $3,000 dollars per vial or higher. If the one vial of botox costs $500 to 600 dollars that is a pretty good profit.

    Then there are the dermal fillers that aren't multi used. 1 cc of a product can be from $450 to $600 per cc. Normal practice is to double that and some places triple it for a patient. Patient's have to pay per 1 cc at a time. Then there are doctor's offices that charge an additional amount for the visit. So a patient can be paying $1200 to $!800 per vial plus an office visit. Plus follow up visits.

    I don't know exactly how med spas charge. But I had to laugh when I was offered $30.00 per hour, when I can be making them at least $500/half hour and at times $3000 in 45 minutes.
    I am sure every place has its own pay structure. The only thing that stays the same would be botox or filler from the pharmaceutical company.

    It would be interesting to hear what other pay structures people have worked with. I also wonder how it differs in different parts of the country.

    I don't know if that helped or confused the question.

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    I am graduating from RN school soon and have a friend who is opening a salon. She asked if I wanted to help with facials and things, but I am having a hard time figuring out what is within the RN's scope of practice in this setting. It's not a medi-spa, but a salon and day spa. I live in TX and am wondering if anyone is familiar with this. I have contacted the Board of Nsg and they were not really any help. I would really appreciate if someone has done this or knows anything about it.

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