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ScoopsPerson specializes in Med/Surg.

Became an RN at age 50. First half of my life I was in sales/marketing management in the hi-tech industry.

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  1. ScoopsPerson

    is this the norm?

    I am also a Federal Govt Employee and chose the VA to work specifically for their great benefits. Our "401k" aka TSP automatically matches 1% of your pay even if you don't participate with your own monies. Then they match dollar for dollar up to the first 3% you put in and then 0.5 up to 5%. We also have a pension plan as well. But the 5 weeks of vacation called AL (annual leave) in gov't terms is the real kicker. Love it! :redpinkhe
  2. ScoopsPerson

    Nursing CAN be the very devil!

    Coolpeach, I so get what you are saying. I too am an older nurse and this is my 2nd career after 25 years in the business world. The people who engaged in juvenile mean spirited behavior were LET GO and until they were let go, were avoided by the rest of the employee's. I too have seen that in nursing this behavior runs rampant and I don't get it. If this is the definition of professionalism than my world is on tilt. In my "old" world, employee's wanted to work together as a team and we may not have had a "professional" license to protect but we had our integrity, honor and self respect to protect. Maybe it is an "age" thing but as I grow older...I grow more compassionate and want to assist my peers rather than scowl, make passive aggressive remarks, throw temper tantrums, etc. And I see this behavior in Nurse Mgr's as well. Very odd.
  3. ScoopsPerson

    Help! Insubordinate Nursing Aides

    It seems once again a facility lowers itself to the lowest common denominator. Manners, professionalism, kindness, educated speaking, critical thinking all get stomped on because of the pandering to the lowest common denominator and it is through out our society. I too see the talking over the patients as if they are not their and foul language. When I call a person on it...they looked shocked! Our culture has made a joke out this type of behavior and it is "acceptable" except to us "old schoolers".
  4. ScoopsPerson

    Are hospitals deadlier in July?

    I take the first two weeks off for vacation...which by the way I am enjoying throughly:yeah:
  5. ScoopsPerson

    Happier With Your Second Career?

    1. what was career #1? product marketing mgr in the silicon chip industry 2. are you happier with nursing as a career than you were with career #1? sometimes 3. did you get into nursing because you had a dead end job? because you were unhappy with career #1 (although you had a good job)? i moved to part of country that did not have an electronic circuit presence. i had been in the industry for over 25 years and was pretty burnt out. 4. was/is nursing as good as, better than, or worse than you thought it would be? i have to say worse. the disrespect for the job i do amazes me constantly. i don't feel like a "professional" ...i feel like a houskeeper/waitress/garbage woman. i do physical labor and rarely get a break or lunch break. 5. have you ever thought that you should have stayed with your original career? was the change in career worth it? yes and yes. 6. are you higher up the career ladder in nursing or were you higher with career #1? ummmm career #1 7. i don't want to start a discussion on nursing pay again, but are you happier with your nursing paycheck or was it better before? i am happy with my nursing paycheck but it was better before. 8. how has your benefits been affected by your change in career, better or worse? or not much change? no change. 9. what did your family think about your career change? they thought i was insane.
  6. ScoopsPerson

    How do you handle admissions?

    Thank you for your advice and info. I don't have a problem with handling one admit or even two spaced out, it is when I get 2 at the same time and then a 3rd an hour later. I can't keep up. And my fellow RN's are in the same boat. My existing patients just have to wait and wait to get any help and I feel terrible. And when you add in the family members of the existing patients following you around to get water, a snack, etc..it is overwhelming. Most of these new admits are starving as they have been waiting in ER for hours, the kitchen is now closed..so I am running around trying to heat up microwave dinners, fetch them coffee, process their orders...on and on.
  7. ScoopsPerson

    How do you handle admissions?

    I work on a 24 bed Medical unit. I work the evening shift 3:30p-midnight. Our shift gets the majority of new admits. Our staffing is usually 3-4 RN's and 2 LPN's. We do not have techs. Last evening we received 1 transfer and 9 admits. The RN's started the shift with 3 patients and team leading the LPN's patients. During this time frame of 4P-MN we had 3 discharges and the transfer and admits. We also had one of our staff assigned to sitting with a confused pt. Each RN had to do 2-3 admits as well as team lead, care for our existing patients and do two med passes. My question is do you have one RN that is just assigned to new admits? How do you care for your existing patients while trying to process new admits and all the new orders? I am finding it totally overwhelming and I normally have to stay overtime to process all the paperwork. Any ideas, suggestions are welcome!! Is it unusual for your shift to have this many admits? Thanks
  8. ScoopsPerson

    Why is everything the day shifts responsibility?

    I work the evening shift at my hospital on a busy med/surg floor. I come in at noon and work until midnight. I do 3-4 med passes, discharges until 4pm..admissions from noon-mn. I can discharge 4 and then get 4 new admits in one shift. We do not have techs at my facility. My med passes can take 1.5 hours for 4-5 pt's as I am answering call lights, fetching water, snacks, dealing with upset family members in person or having to take phone calls, etc. I am lucky if I can do a full assessment! On new admits we have to draw all the labs, often start IV's..so I am trying to do this and pass my meds at the same time. Evening shift is responsible for totaling all the I/O's for 24 hours. Rectifying all the missed meds for 24 hours and clearing out all the PRN's for 24 hours. Did I mention we have no techs? I have decided enough...I am so burnt out and have not had a lunch break in over a year. I am transferring to night shift starting next month. I do believe I will sleep better, be able to eat a healthy diet, and my quality of life will improve. I have worked nights on and off as we have no float pool either and am asked to stay to 4 am. Nights is a slower paced at my facility. Instead of 4-14 admits....they may get 1-4. Sign me up!!! ( and only 1 med pass):)
  9. ScoopsPerson

    Disorderly conduct charge???

    With friends like that who needs enemies? IMO...23 years old is OLD to be doing these types of pranks. Now if you were 12yo, I could have more understanding...maybe. Claiming "we are young" is no excuse because legally...you are not young, you are an adult. We are judged by the company we keep and I agree with the above poster: Find new friends. I hope it all works out for you and go with the truth...you were unaware your friends used your phone.
  10. ScoopsPerson

    I feel like I am working at Walmart...The customer is always right!

    IMHO--this philosophy of "the customer is always right" breeds lack of responsibility and this problem is endemic is our society. No one has to have respect, common courtesy and just plain manners any more. One can say,do, act anyway they please and not be held accountable. Everyone feels entitled. I had a pt's SO the other night demand to stay in the room with her boyfriend in a semi-private room. We told her she had to stay in the waiting area over night. She screamed, yelled, and she lived 2 miles from the hospital. Her boyfriend, the pt was not critical (he was released the next morning actually) she was just a control freak and had to be at his side. We had to get our police (we are a federal hospital) to escort her off the premises...after she called all of us every name in the book. This was a woman who was well into her 60's and not a young kid. There was another male pt in the room and does she not think he is entitled to his privacy?
  11. ScoopsPerson

    So I Want To Get My Foot In The Door

    My advice is to do what you can to get a CNA job NOW. I had no health care experience and I was 50 when I was going to nursing school. 6 of my classmates got Student Nurse Tech jobs at our local Veterans Affairs (VA Hospital)..myself included. Our nurse manager's hired us as RN's as soon as we graduated. This was 2 years ago and the job market is a lot tighter now. I know the VA's have student nurse tech programs. And when you get hired on as an RN you get 5 weeks of vacation and federal gov't employee benefits. Good luck
  12. ScoopsPerson

    Your CALL LIGHT privileges have been revoked!!!

    The OP did NOT take away the pt's call light. She was venting and asking if anyone HAS EVER TAKEN away a pt's call light. I work a VA hospital on the Med floor and we have numerous demented patients. We put them in a room across from the nurses station. If they are really bad (fall risk, pulling out lines) they get a sitter. We don't have techs and do all our own pt care for 4-7 patients, plus admits, discharges. In a situation where the pt is confused..they automatically get a sitter or if milder..q30 min checks.
  13. ScoopsPerson

    Low Census??

    I work on a Med/Surg Floor at a VA Hospital in Missouri...we are packed and having to send patients to other hospitals because our beds are full. It has been this way for over 9 months. Insane!
  14. ScoopsPerson

    Aesthetics Nursing

    I am an RN and I am interested in getting my esthetician license in the state of Missouri. I would be licensed to do the basic cosmetic esthetician services, ie: facials, etc. But I want to get into the medical side as well and am not sure how to proceed? Should I go to esthetician school and then get certified as a medical esthetician? Or should I bypass the esthetician school and just go and get certifications? I am currently an RN working on a medical floor in a hospital and have been an RN for 2 years. I would like to be able to work PRN in a hospital and part time as an esthetician but also be able to do botox, dermal fillers, etc..and eventually make the transition from hospital nursing into the skin care, esthetics field. Any advice would be much appreciated as to which route to go.
  15. ScoopsPerson

    Does your area have a low patient census?

    I work at at Veterans Affairs hospital in Missouri and we are bursting at that seams. It has been like this since the beginning of summer. I get a call about once per week on one of my days off to come in.
  16. ScoopsPerson

    Nursing-A second carrer at 50!

    I graduated from an ADN program last year at age 51! I have been working Med/Surg for the past year and love it. I feel my age gives me an advantage as I have some wisdom on my side and don't get caught up in all the drama..which is in EVERY WORK PLACE..not just nursing. I worked for 25 years in the high tech industry as a marketing manager and got burnt out. I say go for it!!!