November Visa Bulletin came out! - page 12

November Visa Bulletin came out! For Nurse and Physical Therapists, all countries's cut-off date is 01-Oct-2005... Read More

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    thanks suzenne4 and silverdragon.


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    my case is pending.although am hopeful not to be affected by this kinda nurses blues.....let's all pray together that everything will be alright for everyone.
    enjoying every bit of info i get from this forum.
    Have a nice time to all.
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    has anyone read the december visa bulletin.....,what does this mean?
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    I would be more likely to want to see the January Bulletin, which will come out about December 10, 2006 or so.

    There is nothing at all in the December Bulletin that makes any difference to any nurse that is waiting, and that is what the concern is.

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