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belot97 has 15 years experience and specializes in paediatric.


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  1. belot97

    childrens hospital

    and yes,in most hospitals ive been to immunocompromised inpatients are all being visited ONLY by their play therapists and teachers at bedside only outpatient immunocompromised patients do have a common playroom/school in hospital setting, outpatients meaning,patients who are only on scheduled chemo /BT sessions ....:)
  2. belot97

    childrens hospital

    opss i just noticed this thread I have been to different pediatric hospitals in different places the common denominator is that each floor is 'condition' based,meaning then,they dont come in the same age group but then there is this playroom in each floor wher younger kids could play and there is this playroom/school in the hospital where the older ones attend and join some activities prepared by play therapists/school teachers.For those who are not quite able to mobilize and or who are not ready to socialize yet,a school teacher/play therapist will come to the patient bedside and give these kids assignments or play with them at a scheduled time. Most of neonate/infant patients are placed in one floor.They have playtherapists to visit them everday. If it is a specialty facility,then these patients are categorized per age group. I hope this gives you a brief idea....
  3. belot97

    advice requested= track to PICU

    hi, i have been a peds nurse for say 18yrs now.Have worked in different children's hospital where i had some rotation shifts in general peds and ICUs..but the last 8 years of mine expeience,kinda lost my critical care opportunities.Am a traveller,..and because ive had previous PICU/NICU experiences,been asked to try the areas too.But the thing is,i dont think m confident to start back on it as this is just my 2nd month in the country....not really sure what diffrences/changes should i take into consideration in view of knowledge and management skills...practices and policies any advice if would there be like any refreshers course that may be i could undergo...to help me gain back my confidence/.......????
  4. belot97

    las vegas hospitals

    say for a traveller..how much could u say is the average wage we'd get in Las Vegas area?
  5. belot97

    Forensic Nursing (FN): Programs

    Studying nursing hasnt been easy for me so at one stage ,i courageously approached my father if i could shift my course to a different area...and when i said criminology...he just disapproved. I dont understand it very much but it seems forensic nursing has got a bit to do with being an investigator if m not mistaken... i wonder now,m 38...do u think its still worth seeking if i take an interest into pursuing this field? opinions..u'r all welcome. thanks
  6. belot97

    new to US, new to Nevada

    hi bagladyrn, ops,but ill be in las vegas. is that near ur place? id like to hear more from u ..how could we start chatting? huh,... ...and BTW,thanks!
  7. belot97

    Any Filipino nurses working in Las Vegas

    yup. yup
  8. belot97

    new to US, new to Nevada

    Hi, is anyone here travelling? i really would appreciate it if id be able to chat to whoever is also new in the place... ill be on my own...,wonder if there are filipino nurses community around too... thanks
  9. belot97

    Pediatric Travelers ??????

    hello, i am actually just starting this month. I hope we could have some time to chat about our chosen field. As I aam very new here in the US,id love to keep in touch with nurses your type.. Good luck!
  10. hello, what is it like working in nevada? this will be my first assignment....am a bit anxious... Wonder if there's any filipino nurses assoc.....
  11. belot97

    Retrogression Is Not Over

    Thanks for the reply.. Had my 1140 approved in 2003,yes I did have my visa screen alright. Just when the embassy asked me for an updated employment contract during the interview,my petitioner got me do the NCLEX first before they'd give me what was requested of them...I admit,had the big share of fault because Ive always refused to sit for the said test....although I was very aware that my employer wanted me to have the test done before getting to the US of A....and by the way,have never been to the US nor did I try to apply for any other visa category....
  12. belot97

    Retrogression Is Not Over

    Hi, The embassy have actually asked me to present an updated contract.Sorry,It wasnt quite clear...I had my visa screen already,just so when my employer had me do the NCLEX in exchange to an updated contract...I passed the NCLEX in October by the way,thanks God...
  13. belot97

    Retrogression Is Not Over

    Hi. Mine case is said to be pending.The date of interview(July'06),i was asked to present an employment contract from my petitioner..The latter then got me do the NCLEX first before giving me the said contract.Luckily but not so...passed the NCLEX in October and got the said contract early November which was obviously 'already late' ....Have had my medical done as well...What would you suggest will I be expecting where my case stands?July '03's my priority date. Thanks ever so much.
  14. belot97

    TOEFL required?

    Am not really sure...but because Quebec is a non-english speaking territory...think toefl is rquired.The moderators may be of help in this regard. Cheers!
  15. belot97

    NCLEX in Gearmany

    pearson vue in frankfurt is at the heart of the city. i stayed in soverynth hotel...forgive me if had it spelled wrong.. it's i think the nearest hotel,5 min walk from the testing center. i arrived there the day before my test date. you may roam around town ,it's nice.
  16. belot97

    NCLEX in Gearmany

    to be honest,i dont think there will be a problem if you just have your ATT. That's a good thing,you and your husband are already in Germany....I live here in Ireland and a non EU that's why i needed the tourist visa that time...cheers!