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Hi all! I recently passed my NCLEX - RN (California), and it was clearly stated they will destroy your file three years after, if you don't supply them SSN. Can somebody please give me an advice on what to do with my NCLEX... Read More

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    Just a noted, you are not "endorsing" anything to Vermont. To endorse, you need a license. You don't have one, you just have an exam result. What you need to do is apply for licensure by examination to VT, then transfer your examination result to them from CA. THEN you'll get a license which can be endorsed to other states.
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    Please check website of VT. There is a form that you will use to endorse your nclex results which is NCLEX ENDORSEMENT FORM for international nurses who pass the NCLEX but do not have license yet. DO NOT USE OTHER FORMS OR ELSE, THEY WILL RETURN IT TO YOU!
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    Quote from therese08
    Hi all!

    I recently passed my NCLEX - RN (California), and it was clearly stated they will destroy your file three years after, if you don't supply them SSN. Can somebody please give me an advice on what to do with my NCLEX results? You still need to have SSN even if you already have a visascreen, is that right? thanks guys.
    hello rn_garcha... i have also sat and passed the NCLEX and already have my VSC... i have a pending approved sponsorship in the US with priority dated june 2008 at the NVC... the licensure endorsement to vermont is an option... and YES, the BON of California sends your details eventhough you have yet to get your license... just like with acquiring your VSC (which states there that you need confirmation of your LICENSE), they honor the NCLEX passing result only...

    should you not wish to get licensed somewhere else, you only need to write the BON of California at least three months prior to the 3-year expiration set on your NCLEX-RN pass letter... i said at least three months as a friend already tried to request for extension for her pass letter which will expire this december 2010... she was told to write them again three months prior to december... she was asked to "chill" so to speak

    the BON of california do extend validity of pass letter... they are aware of the retrogression... but they only extend it for a year... so you would have to write them each year, which really sucks... but hey, at least they are considerate...

    i suggest you get your VSC as it is their requirement that your NCLEX/CGFNS AND any accredited english proficiency test (IELTS, TOEFL etc) be within TWO YEARS of each other... and the VSC is required whether you wish to apply as an immigrant or would go there on a tourist visa and have it converted into working visa... it has a 5-year validity... and may be extended to 10 years...

    i have applied in canada... since they have changed their migration laws, it is so much easier to MIGRATE there... getting licensed there however is another story...

    i hope this helps and goodluck to you!
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    i am thankful to all for the replies and good suggestions ,now i am planning to go for vsc first .how long it will take to get it done ?is it a state specific or not ?i mean to say vsc is valid in every state ,is there any special certification for a particular state?
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    not at all a single step is easier ,everything is so complicated in nursing :smackingf
    although we can check information regarding these processes by ourself via internet but there is a fear in mind that am i doing alright so its really helpful to get guidance and information from all of you ,its truly good,i appreciate all of you for help.
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    visa screen certificate is federal and to meet requirements you need to have passed NCLEX or CGFNS exam. NCLEX is state specific
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    ATTENTION: CABON Now Requires SSN to apply for NCLEX.

    Effective on April 26, 2010 California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) will no longer accept applications that do not contain a U.S. Social Security Number. The Nursing Practice Act provides for a unified examination and licensing application. Once an applicant passes the examination, a license is automatically issued. Under these circumstances the BRN cannot accept applications for the examination and licensure without a U.S. social security number.

    For those applicants who have failed the exam and want to re-apply; CABON will not accept re-application without U.S Social Security Number.

    If your application was sent prior to April 26, 2010 or if you are already eligible, THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU.
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    vsc is a federal requirement for all healthcare practitioner wishing to practice their profession in the US... EVERY healthcare professional who want to work in the US is required to present this... so to answer your question, yes, the VSC is valid in all states... the VSC processing takes a month to two, and will all depend on the arrival of your documents... go to the CGFNS website and you will find instructions there as they are the office that handles VSC applications...
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    i have applied for vsc ,but i need your help that to send the verifation of nclex results from ca board of nursing .which form i need to fill and send to ca board of nursing ?
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    Ca BON, does not grant extension of file anymore. If you cannot provide them with SSN in three years time, then they will destroy your file, unless you apply in other state that does not require SSN for initial license.

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