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    They have revised the US unemployment numbers, it is much higher than first thought.

    Before you post, that there are still jobs and you hope retrogression is over. Please think.

    These are my neighbors who don't have a job and may loss their homes.

    That hospitals are hurting and nurses are also loosing their jobs.

    The the US economy has changed and nurses are looking for more work ( second jobs) and nurses are returning back to the bedside.

    The trend of importing nurses has stopped and their are no economic incentives for bringing in new nurses ( hospitals could get tax write offs this has stopped).

    It is Christmas time, this is only November's number, my guess is December's will be higher. There are families attached to these numbers. How would you feel if over 1.2 million people is your country one month lost their source of income? At and probably to news will be worse!

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    Bad news indeed, friends of mine are affected, their business is dropping, lot's of cancellations!

    A friend of mine here in UK is affected as well, it's everywhere.

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    then why is there a certain healthcare agency continuously recruiting nurses in the phils on h1 b visas? i've read about these visas but somehow they've found a way through it if they can continuously keep sending filipino nurses there
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    Because they can and make money out of it. Those visas are current USCIS doesn't check those jobs, paper is very patient, you can write what you want even if the job is not really a H1B job. And in some States or areas they are still looking for and hiring nurses.

    And as you can read in another thread, people have relatives in management positions, people owing recruitment agencys and they will do a lot to get "their" people in.
    Not necessarily with the best interest for "their" people.

    But fact is, H1B visas are available, there are some (but not many) positions where you could use it legally for nurses.

    Majority of those visas are probably not used right but that needs to be proven.

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    I live in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.

    The recession has not hit this area very hard.

    Houses have not lost any value. But the economy will rebound and all will be good in time..

    We rode a wave of good times in the economy for the last 28 years, about time Reagan came into office. The economy always rebounds.
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    My mother-in-law lives in Norfolk, Virginia and she hasn't been affected by the recession either.
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    4 Major U.S. Cities see jobs grow as of October 2008

    Dallas, Boston, Washington D.C., Houston
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    Not every area of the country is hurting, and there still are pockets of where there's a nursing shortage.

    My floor has a Filipino nurse, who was recruited prior to passing her boards. She lives here in Florida, she took her boards recently in Minnesota and failed. So we are now supporting a tech. When she passes her boards in Minnesota, we have to wait for her to get her license in Florida. Something is quite wrong with this situation.

    I wish the areas of shortage would recruit from areas of glut, where there are nurses whom have passed boards but don't have a job yet. Surely some of them are available to move.
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    Quote from 5cats
    Bad news indeed, friends of mine are affected, their business is dropping, lot's of cancellations!

    A friend of mine here in UK is affected as well, it's everywhere.

    Exactly-It is the same in many countries, not just the US. We have to get on with our lives -if the media had their way we would all be petrified into a state of immobility,locked in our homes for fear of crime and selling our cars for fear of the ice caps melting due to our own individual carbon foot prints.
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    I am getting on with me life, I just have to very cautious. I am have an old car 1997 subaru, I really should get a new one but I am holding off until this car is on life support. I just don't went to have a car loan. I have seen my 401K tank, my house value cut in half, and don't know what is going to happen economically ( forces beyond my control).

    I live in the Boston area, since the rise in Employment article was released, Boston has had major lay offs, Bank of America and Fidelity have let go of many employees. Large hospitals have hiring freezes and the second largest health group has laid off people.
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