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They have revised the US unemployment numbers, it is much higher than first thought. Before you post, that there are still jobs and you hope retrogression is over. Please think. These are my... Read More

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    Quote from redranger
    I live in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.

    The recession has not hit this area very hard.

    Houses have not lost any value. But the economy will rebound and all will be good in time..

    We rode a wave of good times in the economy for the last 28 years, about time Reagan came into office. The economy always rebounds.
    i don't know about the economy rebounding anytime soon but i do know in the northeast, we've been hit. The housing market is down and if i had money i'd be in the real estate business of buying houses and selling them when the market rebounds. People would rather walk away from a home that's losing it's value than pay an excessive mortgage on it. Don't blame them. My parents had to sell their house because the rates shot up. Something has to be done about predatory lending so we don't see this again.
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    Yes, things are bad, even Dallas is bracing for a bad year.

    Things are better then most but city officials are using the word Bleak.
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    Quote from Alexk49
    Gilbert, I think what you are saying is that if you have special qualifications you can bypass retrogression? Also are you saying the CGFNS says your training is equal to a diploma while a university acknowledges your master's degree. That is crazy.
    Well, not "bypass retrogression" per se, because getting a work visa is not the equivalent of getting a green card/immigrant visa. It is faster, and sometimes cheaper and more convenient, but then you are faced with being a temporary resident rather than permanent (with all the associated issues and challenges that brings, not the least of which is having to leave immediately if you lose your job). But yes, experienced specialty nurses can get specialty work visas.

    Almost accurate re CGFNS. They just basically said the grad. dip. meant nothing as they don't have an equivalent. In actuality, it constitutes all the coursework of a masters degree (minus the thesis component). I am now doing an MSN in the US, and (after a long process of providing all the subject info, assessments, syllabus etc) was given credit for the hours I'd completed in that degree... it is slightly nuts!
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    hi there, would you be kind enough to share the name of your agency or hospital that hire nurses under H1C visa. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    Quote from pinay03
    hi there, would you be kind enough to share the name of your agency or hospital that hire nurses under H1C visa. Any input is greatly appreciated.
    There are only 14 hospitals that go the H1c route and you can google for them. Also just because they do them doesn't mean they are currently have job vacancies especially with the current US job situation. Only 500 are issued in the year. Agencies are not allowed to use H1c