June 2008 Visa Bulletin

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    It has been published in http://mumbai.usconsulate.gov/cut_off_dates.html if you want to check it.

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    Huh? No movement at all?
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    this is just so sad...
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    I would still wait for the official one to be released
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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    I would still wait for the official one to be released
    Anna, are you thinking the official one might have differing info/dates?

    Hope you're right.
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    Quote from letina
    Anna, are you thinking the official one might have differing info/dates?

    Hope you're right.
    Not necessarily but I think it is always better for official version as that is the one departments will be following. Just because the embassy releases a version doesn't mean changes can not be made.

    Just my
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    I think I read recently in one of the threads here (tracker thread?) a report that they were already processing December 06?
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    Remember what I have been saying over the past month and before that:
    The forward movement in the PD dates for some countries was based on the fact that there were not many that had completed files before then and that is how they are going to assign visas at this time.

    If one has a current PD date, but only approval on the I-140, it is going to be quite difficult to get a visa at this time if the DS-230, original one was never approved.

    So to be able to use up the visas and clear up pending files, they go onto the next person. There is still only a limited number of visas that are even available to begin with. Suspect that things may move backwards and not forwards when some of those with older dates get their files complete.

    You can pretty much figure that these are the going to be the current dates for June as it was released by the US Embassy there with information that they get from the US State Dept. They were correct last month as well, and there were no changes made to it.

    Best of luck to those that are waiting.
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    So is there a possibility that CP dates could move forward very slightly, than the dates actually reflected in the official visa bulletin?

    What I'm asking is......if someone has a completed file and a PD of March 8th 2006, would the Consulate give them an opportunity of a visa if there are others with earlier PD's but incomplete files?

    Just trying to look at the bigger picture, and thinking it would be a shame if visa numbers are available but not used because the Consulate would not look at files beyond March 1st.
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    It depends on how many that do not have completed files first of all, and that is what everything will be dependent upon. Then and only then do the PD dates move forward.

    Remember that nothing is written in stone either, but the chances of it moving ahead are going to be quite slim as we have seen in the past. The government here wants to get files cleared up and completed.

    We do not know how many visas that are available at this time either, or anything else of what is exactly going on. So purely a guessing game as well since we do not know what they are doing about all of the petitions that were submitted under the I-485 last summer either.
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