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    This is just for the purpose of getting updated or informed and do note that nothing is absolute and in fact things are very fluid or volatile when it comes to immigration matters.
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    Thanks Lowrence! this is good stuff for retro affected nurses. Hope something will happen by mid 2007.
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    Your welcome.
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    Hi! I just want to ask when they say "spring" does this mean spring something will get approved or spring visas will be available?...thanks!!!
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    It should be Spring something will get approved. The hope is that US congress and president may act to release some visas for Schedule A as what happend in April-May 2005.
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    Yes, that is correct. Hopefully, it can be done. :angel2:

    They are not relying on the CIR anymore as it has a good chance that it may not even be approved before the year ends and if it doesn't there is a smaller chance that it will get approved in 2008 as that is a Presidential election year in the U.S.
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    Lawrence do you strongly believe that retrogression will be lifted on spring?:spin:
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    Quote from sabadao22
    Lawrence do you strongly believe that retrogression will be lifted on spring?:spin:
    Sorry, I can't predict anything. Let's just hope for the best.
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    thanks for the replies.... I just do hope something gets approve in spring....I'm also in the end-stage of the process...stuck in packet 3!!!...
    and....I do hope when its lifted that they would start giving visas by PD...thanks again...
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    hi lawrence,
    \i can not open the hammond link. can you tell me what they talking about?

    thank y lawrence

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