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  1. mpoova

    Hearing on EB Workers and Nurses

    I undertand the testomony differently. Out of the 3 witnesses, 2 are from the American Labour Nurses Unions and one is from from the Baptist Health Systems. All agreed there is critical nursing shortages in US and domestic nursing development, nurse retention programmes and attracting bacK US RNs are valid solutions. One witnessed 15% of new nurses being licensed in the U.S. each year are foreign graduates and any interruption of their availability has an immediate and very detrimental effect on the healthcare industry making an already difficult situation worse. 80 nurses recruited by them from overseas 2.5 years ago are unable to make available for their patients due to current unavilibiy of visas. As usual, two witnesses from the nursing unions opposed immigration. The other one see limited immigration as a tactic to address the critical shortage of their nursing staff. The Bill 5924 calls for doemstic nursing development programme, while allowing 20000 Nurses/year to join the health facility for three years to address the critical shortage. It allows eligible alien nurse to work in their own "candiate country" to reduce nurse drain. I do not see House S/committee reject the bill based on above testimonies alone. They may find valid points to mark the bill for further debate..
  2. mpoova

    Relief for retrogression hope???

    H.R.5924 proposes to collect around $ 90000000 from the petitioners to use as "capitation grants to increase the number of nursing faculty and students" domestically to help that US applicants "interested with job".
  3. mpoova

    July Visa Bulletin

    It is a shadow of the official one. There is nothing more to hope!
  4. mpoova

    May 2008 Visa Bulletin

    It should be AOS as far as I read..
  5. You may choose the place where you have the earliest chance of getting interviewed, if your file is Ok and complete. Since VB is valid for a month, there is no schedule A visa, it is safe to get the interview date on that month itself, when your PD is current. or else you may get canclled the schedule, if the schedule goes beyong that month as the PD can get retrogressed in the next bulletin. I know people who exited directly once GC received without going to home country. I do not think it is an issue.
  6. Since PD in the VB appears to change abruptly in the coming months, your selection of interview place is crucial sometimes, as it is the consulate that determines the interview schedule!
  7. Let Christmas bring joy to all!:balloons: Let 2008 be the year of success for those awaiting with hope! All things must pass:idea: "Good things come to those who wait" Seasons greetings to all:balloons:
  8. mpoova

    November Visa Bulletin -OUT!

    This thread is no longer current as Dec bulletin is already out. The US legislative action of 2007 is close to nil, as many bills are blocked and UST runs on CR and nurses issue is very small among them. Still I have a Dream that some miracle will happen by Xmas 07 or something abruptly happen for nurses by mid 2008, if they really require FT nUrses!
  9. mpoova

    only in the philippines

    If PD under EB3 is after 01AUG02 & other worker 01OCT01.
  10. mpoova

    Retrogression Is Not Over

    At least Congress is now aware of the current nurse crisis and ready to initiate action unanimously to resolve the problem.
  11. mpoova

    Immigration News and Updates

    From the floor ..we all know that United States faces a serious shortage of qualified nurses.. .. and so we are here again, 2 years later, with hospitals desperate for more nurses... .... $1500 fee. This fee would be used to fund a grant program that would provide grants to US nursing schools for hiring nurse faculty, expanding training capacity, and recruiting more students.. ..is a reasonable compromise that will help both hospitals in the short term and the domestic nursing supply in the long term... Source: www.senate.gov click : Daily Digest, find page: S13229 (of 23-Oct-2007)
  12. mpoova

    November Visa Bulletin -OUT!

    RN4US.. wake up.. some miracles on the way!!:monkeydance:
  13. mpoova

    Immigration News and Updates

    Many amendments like this came and gone as many do not agree immigration as solution. Lawfirm is marketing that reduce the little chance of survival.
  14. mpoova

    November Visa Bulletin -OUT!

    Let's see what happens..who knows! just think this scenario. If no , schedule A bill, the retrogression will continue for few more months and the 1,40,000 remain intact. Then suddendly PD EB#3 will be current to one earlier month of '07. It will not repeat the same fiasco of July 07, as most of the AOS has already been filed by AUG. 17, 07. Some visas can be squeezed out before NOv election, to continue the CP and interview for us... but nobody knows for sure!
  15. mpoova

    November Visa Bulletin -OUT!

    Currently , anti-immigrant hang over is high and election is due. So, it is right time to highlight, attracting RN back, improving conditions, wage etc. However, You can also expect something will happen abruptly for schedule A. It is 50-50. Because, left RNs won't return, working nurses won't stress and american may not like less care and more bills! There are qualified thousands waiting to be current! and July fiasco made mess for FT nurses.
  16. mpoova

    November Visa Bulletin -OUT!

    Immigration bills are at limbo for some time, as the issue is complex and need compromise. But do not mix schedule A with those!