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Good day! I just received the request for application pack from the NMC, In the booklet it is said that I need to pay an application fee of 140GBP, i read that I can pay through check, bank draft or credit card. JUST THAT. There... Read More

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    Originally Posted by helloimDee
    I'm still waiting for NMC pack 2, and I wanted to ask for reference letters from my previous employers since they're both from 2 different provinces. To whom should I address these letters? TIA guys!
    Reference letters are not required for the NMC application.

    Instead, there is a form that comes with Pack 2 that will be filled out by your employers.
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    Guys this thread is about how to pay NMC fees, can we please keep to topic. From now on posts that are not discussing NMC issues will be deleted.

    If you wish to discuss agencies in regards to moving to the UK please post in a new thread however please try to keep as much to personal experience and remember everyone will have their own experiences on an agency and it will not always be good, they are within reason allowed to post their experiences and you can politely debate but no belittling of each other and promoting heavily the agency you are using, this will be seen as advertising and will be deleted.

    The internet is a good source for research and I would recommend you research everything as much as you can and not to rely on one place for your information. Post questions is a good idea and is a good part of the research process
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    Off topic posts deleted.

    Any further off topic posts will result in this thread being closed.

    Last warning guys
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