Tampa ARNP-one yr post grad still no job! Tampa ARNP-one yr post grad still no job! | allnurses

Tampa ARNP-one yr post grad still no job!

  1. 1 I am so stressed out and regretting my ARNP degree. It's been one year since I graduated and passed the board, national certification. And I still can't get a job anywhere!! It's maddening. Everyone wants experience but I can't get it without a job. I have been doing HRA assessments but those are drying up and I'm not getting any work from them either. I don't know what to do! I even tried to volunteer at a free clinic just to get experience and they actually turned me down too. Because they said I don't have enough experience. IT'S MADDENING! Does anyone know of part time work? Or any other HRA companies hiring? Anything? I can't leave this area to relocate (custody divorce agreement) so relocation is not an option.
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    Certain areas of the country are saturated with NPs. Ever consider expanding your search to more rural areas? Maybe contacting an agency and taking something not in your preferred area? I went a few months and started questioning my choices, but a year...best of luck! I hope you find something soon.
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    Unfortunately I've done all of this. I'm signed up with a few agencies and also am driving 1-2 hour commutes already as it is. Have applied for everything in those areas too!
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    Tampa, unfortunately, is a saturated area. Have you tried Tampa Family Health Centers? They always need NPs and it has loan repayment
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    You must be family or worse off in adult primary.
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    So sorry to hear that, a year. Have you thought about outside of Tampa? I am from Tampa to and will be starting my FNP program in Oct of this year, but plan on going outside of TAMPA for work when all is done.
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    Quote from PsychGuy
    You must be family or worse off in adult primary.
    Sounds spite! Way to go!
    Colleagiality at it's best, again.
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    Quote from Buyer beware
    Sounds spite! Way to go!
    Colleagiality at it's best, again.
    My thoughts exactly. How is that in anyway helpful?
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    It's not meant to be helpful as much as it is an acknowledgment of the conundrum. I'm glad you identified the collegiatlity. I was afraid my tones would step on toes.
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    Trade those hurricanes for blizzards and you'll find work in no time!
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    Where did you go to school?
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    there is something missing from this story
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    Usually a story such as this has one of the following features missing.

    1. Red tape not being discussed
    2. poor resume
    3. unprofessionalism in some aspect of life
    4. for profit school graduate
    5. poor/no LOR

    Something is missing if a free clinic turns you down. If you want help you have to throw out the whole story. Not just "I can't find job, help me plz."