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twozer0 has 15 years experience as a NP and specializes in Urology.

Specializing in Urology

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  1. Travel RNs Making $$ - Would you go back to it?

    Before becoming an NP I worked a ton of PACU call and odd hours (getting called in at 2am or never leaving due to surgery). Money is great but so is leaving the office at 4pm every day and being able to coach my sons baseball team or watch my daught...
  2. Just a question, URINE DIPSTICK/BLOOD

    You need a urinalysis with Microscopy. Consider referral to Urology if its >3rbc/hpf if not correlating with menstrual cycle.
  3. Taking call, do NPs get paid call pay?

    I take call and it is "included in my salary". When I negotiated my contract I had asked about call pay and I was told that it was built into my salary and that they don't pay separately for call. Thankfully I don't get called a lot (I'm in a speci...
  4. Standardization of NP Education

    I felt my education my fairly good (I attended a very well known B&M program) but I had a lot of nursing experience to make up for some of the shortfalls. I'm not knocking direct entry applicants but I will say the barrier to entry for PA, MD, D...
  5. Is anybody else tired of the nurse practitioner craze?

    Sometimes you need that second opinion.
  6. Cautious ask: If you hated being a RN, would you enjoy NP?

    Sure the job is different but again many of the issues that you described in your initial post exist as an NP. For example, you mention hating administration and being a sandwich boy. The same people that you disliked as an RN are the same people a...
  7. Cautious ask: If you hated being a RN, would you enjoy NP?

    If you hated being an RN for those reasons, you will hate being an APRN for much of the same. Similar issues exist for the APRN but in a capacity that now has you in charge (and responsible). I would think about this one long and hard before you pu...
  8. Certification - Need your opinion

    My two cents. I do not know your situation but IF I were in your shoes, I wouldn't bother. I would probably do something that I've always wanted to do (unless being an NP is that!). If you don't need the income from working full time or even part t...
  9. FNP in In-Patient Settings

    We have several FNP's working inpatient with the hospitalists. I also see them working for other specialty groups and rounding on patients in the hospital. Community hospital setting, non academic center.
  10. Excellent Employment Prospects for Nurse Practitioners

    The argument was not about the quality of NP's, the argument was about the job market and oversaturation. Sure there will be jobs, but you'll have hundreds lining up for the availability. If you think for a second that a business wouldn't pit you a...
  11. Excellent Employment Prospects for Nurse Practitioners

    You're looking at the competition from the wrong side. We don't want there to be a ton of competition between practitioners, we want competition between employers. This is basic economics here, when supply is greater than demand, the price goes dow...
  12. Excellent Employment Prospects for Nurse Practitioners

    The growth of NP's is beyond sustainability much how Law was (and sorta still is). As Jules pointed out 23,000 new NP's hitting the market per year but with only 64,200 jobs projected by 2026. I don't think many of us want to be negative but those ...
  13. FNP in acute inpatient specialty role

    As an FNP I work for a specialist group. I see patients in the ICU (and the hospital for that matter) on a consult basis only for our specialty. I do not manage these patients as I am only seeing them for the reason we were consulted. As an FNP I ...
  14. NP jobs that work 3days

    Any NP job could be 3 days a week pending employer needs or how you negotiate your contract.
  15. Christmas Bonuses

    Weird. Typically staff that do not bill for service do not get a bonus (based on my experiences, of course could be different at other places). I never got a bonus of any kind as a staff nurse nor would I expect the provider staff to pay me for one...