RE: on-call and alcohol/etiquette at social function

  1. Okay. Here's a different scenario for ya.
    So I was in a situation today where my company had a going away party for one of the NPs that is leaving and moving on to another job. This is very corporate-and we are all eith NPs or PAs that cover/managed nursing home resident's care-we are essentially telecommuters, on-call from 8-5 in between rounding at the care homes. This party was located at a local brewery well known for it's brews-I arrived and while my clinical manager does not have an active load of patients (though she is there for us to consult on with guiding patient care), she was drinking a light beer, as were a few of my NP colleagues (on-call till 5pm). I got to thinking-is this acceptable? Is one beer acceptable? I am a brand new employee, so I am not sure what the etiquette here is, since this was a social gathering, during work time (?). What would you have done? THis started at 3pm-6pm. Thoughts? It just got me thinking.......interested if anyone else has run into these things and wondered about etiquette.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Nope I wouldn't drink even one beer while on call.
  4. by   DuckFan23
    It's not on-call for an acute care facility. Not justifying it-I am just wondering if this is more of a corporate/social etiquette issue. I'm so new with the corporate atmosphere that this may be commonplace, but I was just curious what everyone else had experienced/thought....interesting.
  5. by   rnsrgr8t
    If it was during my "working hours" or if I was "on call" and there was a chance that I would need to attend to patients (either over the phone or in person) within a few minutes of my drinking an alcoholic beverage then I would NOT drink it. Period. So in the situation you are describing, I would not drink an alcoholic beverage. If any of your coworkers comment, just tell them you do not drink.
  6. by   TX RN
    Next time just order a tonic water on ice with a twist of lime.If anyone asks what you're drinking just let them know it's "the good stuff."Or make it a point to show up at 5:01.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    Doesn't matter if pt is acute or chronic - no ETOH while working whether actually in the facility or on the phone. Nice way to face the BON and/or a lawyer.
  8. by   DuckFan23
    I didn't drink-there were others that did. I just got hired! Not screwing that up. I agree. Just wondered......never faced that before.
  9. by   rdsxfnrn
    No way! Also, the issue of driving.......... bad bad idea all around!
  10. by   traumaRUs
    Corporate world can be intimidating. However, if you follow your conscience you usually do the right thing.
  11. by   threebrats46
    I wouldnt drink it. One is not enough to make most ppl drunk but do you really want to arrive at the pt's home with alchohol on the breath?
  12. by   azhiker96
    I don't think one drink would hurt my judgement but a lawyer or the BON might beg to differ. You did the right thing to protect your license, profession, and patients.
  13. by   WagsNP
    I agree with all the posts, don't drink on call period. I have smelled docs coming in with etoh on their breath and I don't think this is an uncommon thing. I have actually heard docs talk about being out at breakfast and drinking mimosas. i wouldn't dream of doing this for the same fear you have duckfan. We have worked way to hard to mess this up now!!! Thanks for sharing.
  14. by   jaznia15
    I didn't face a situation such as this with an APN but I remember when I was a CNA at a LTC facility and the administration had went out for their own christmas party. They weren't really due to come back to work and I was working nigh shift at the time. At about 8pm one of the head LPNs who worked in adminstration stopped by with his girlfriend (another LPN at the facility and quite sure she was the driver). He was clearly intoxicated and really did not need to stop by. It was very unprofessional but at this particular facility, administration could get away with murder. He was never reprimanded for his behavior. I'd hate to think that an APN would function in such a way. If the party is from 3 to 6 and people were off call at 5 then like a previous poster said enjoy yourself and pop a brew at 5:01. I'd hate to have to think that a person I was trusting with any family members whether in an acute facility or long term was drinking while on the job whether one beer or not.