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    Okay. Here's a different scenario for ya.
    So I was in a situation today where my company had a going away party for one of the NPs that is leaving and moving on to another job. This is very corporate-and we are all eith NPs or PAs that cover/managed nursing home resident's care-we are essentially telecommuters, on-call from 8-5 in between rounding at the care homes. This party was located at a local brewery well known for it's brews-I arrived and while my clinical manager does not have an active load of patients (though she is there for us to consult on with guiding patient care), she was drinking a light beer, as were a few of my NP colleagues (on-call till 5pm). I got to thinking-is this acceptable? Is one beer acceptable? I am a brand new employee, so I am not sure what the etiquette here is, since this was a social gathering, during work time (?). What would you have done? THis started at 3pm-6pm. Thoughts? It just got me thinking.......interested if anyone else has run into these things and wondered about etiquette.

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    Nope I wouldn't drink even one beer while on call.
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    It's not on-call for an acute care facility. Not justifying it-I am just wondering if this is more of a corporate/social etiquette issue. I'm so new with the corporate atmosphere that this may be commonplace, but I was just curious what everyone else had experienced/thought....interesting.
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    If it was during my "working hours" or if I was "on call" and there was a chance that I would need to attend to patients (either over the phone or in person) within a few minutes of my drinking an alcoholic beverage then I would NOT drink it. Period. So in the situation you are describing, I would not drink an alcoholic beverage. If any of your coworkers comment, just tell them you do not drink.
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    Next time just order a tonic water on ice with a twist of lime.If anyone asks what you're drinking just let them know it's "the good stuff."Or make it a point to show up at 5:01.
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    Doesn't matter if pt is acute or chronic - no ETOH while working whether actually in the facility or on the phone. Nice way to face the BON and/or a lawyer.
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    I didn't drink-there were others that did. I just got hired! Not screwing that up. I agree. Just wondered......never faced that before.
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    No way! Also, the issue of driving.......... bad bad idea all around!
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    Corporate world can be intimidating. However, if you follow your conscience you usually do the right thing.
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    I wouldnt drink it. One is not enough to make most ppl drunk but do you really want to arrive at the pt's home with alchohol on the breath?
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