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I am pleading with all experienced NPs out there to help precept and train the up and coming NPs. We as nurses always call for equality and autonomy but I find it very disturbing that our leaders do not plan our education... Read More

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    Quote from CCRNDiva
    Maybe this is contributing to the problem. As long as students are willing to pay tuition and turn around and grovel for preceptors, these schools will be perfectly pleased to let them continue to do so. Maybe if we stopped enrolling in the programs that don't provide preceptors, these educators would do something about it..
    Great post. I agree completely. As long as student continue to willingly to schools who don't provide the education the students are paying for ... the schools will continue to be happy to collect the money.

    And I'll add ... As long as potential preceptors are willing to provide their teaching services for free, the schools will be happy to take advantage of their generosity and ask them to precept their students for free, too.
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