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I will finish my BSN in July 2010. I want to become a FNP or ACNP. I am looking for online programs that are not extremely expensive. I would like recommendations from you all that are attending or have attended a MSN online... Read More

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    I just read your post and I'm glad to hear you liked the USA program, I am considering it myself. Is there anything you dislike about it? I did my BSN at a regular university and I'm not sure what to expect from the online Masters, I guess I am a little concerned about managing the workload and getting feedback on questions from professors. Do you have any advice to someone looking at the same program you are now finishing? Did you have any trouble getting clinical sites? Is it manageable to work full time while in school, or do you recommend part time? Sorry to hit you with so many questions but you write about both the school and the specialty I am considering, hope you will offer some enlightenment...

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    Hi, I was just accepted for USA 2011 spring FNP online program. Please tell me what you know about it. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
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    I graduated from Drexel's distance Psych NP program and it was a great program.
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    The St Joseph's program is new, hasn't graduated a class yet; however, they have been providing distance ed programs for years.
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    Quote from Cindy1ou
    PhillySN, are you enrolled at U of Cinncinati? How is your online program going? I'm looking for something self-paced, not sure it exists. We can't really predict how things will go at this point in our careers, can we? I know I can't! Cindy1ou
    There are so many online FNP programs. If you google all online MSN programs and then go under nurse practitioner programs you will be able to see what schools offer what. I have looked into several schools. I havent started Univ of CN because my husband got layed off so now I am reapplying for hopefully the spring or fall. I changed my name by the way.
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    I am really interested in University of Southern Indiana but can't start until Fall 2011, however, could start St Joseph's University Maine FNP in January but it's more than twice as expensive. Should I wait until fall and start at USI or just bite the bullet and start with St Joseph's? Any comments greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Their are plenty of online fnp programs. Duke univ, george washington, albany state, felician college, thomas jefferson, unlv. When i was googling info i was surprised to see how many schools offer online np programs for adults, family, acute care, etc
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    Has any one attended Frontier School of Midwifery, Womens Health and family NP programs? I see various other schools/ Univ are mentioned but don't see anything on Frontier? Any thoughts or recommendations?
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    Quote from TerryBSN
    I am currently pursuing my FNP online through the RODP and ETSU, it is not that expensive. I was accepted to Ball State, RODP/ETSU, Indiana State Univ. and Graceland. I chose RODP/ETSU due to expense as well as graduating with my BSN from ETSU 14 years ago. With RODP you can choose full time or part time. I am attending part time due to working full time. Hope this information helps, also no GRE is needed and no trips except to clinicals which are set up in your area.
    Where is it and how long does it take?
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    This is a late reply, but hope it's helpful. University of Southern Indiana has a good program. I graduated from their FNP program in 2005. PM me if you have further questions.

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