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Hello All, I am new to this forum and I was just wondering if anyone had applied for the Fall 2013 FNP program at Maryville University? I have applied and thought it would be interesting to meet others who have as well. Kris... Read More

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    When you all got accepted did you get to pick your start month, Aug vs Oct? How long after submitting all your items did it take for notification of acceptance? Congratulations to you all!

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    I communicated to my advisor from the beginning of the process of the paperwork that I wanted to start in the fall, specifically August. I am sure if you ask your advisor she can make sure the you start in October. It took me @ 2 weeks to get a call from my advisor that I got accepted. Once you are accepted you get sent an "intent to enroll" form which stated your start date that you chose & once signed reserves your seat in the program. I am sure if you talk to your advisor he/she can answer your question about the flexibility of your start date.
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    Thank you so much for the info! I have a issues getting my tdanscripts and letters in so I feel bad to keep bothering my advisor with questions when im not even accepted yet
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    Hello All!
    I was accepted into the Fall 2013 FNP program as well. They said I have to start in Oct because of my transfer class. I am upset. I didn't want to pay out of pocket. They said that I cannot switch which two classes I transfer. Does anyone know if that is true? Are you all expected to be done in Dec 2015?
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    Also, they said they were sending out acceptance letters next week.
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    Has anyone else received their letters? Anyone applying for spring 2014 start?
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    Anyone getting nervous about starting? I know I am.
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    Just received my call confirming my acceptance into the FNP program starting in August. Very nervous, but very excited. Has there been a Facebook page started yet? Would be very interested in networking if one has been started.
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    Congrats on the acceptance. No Facebook page yet that I am aware of.

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    Hi Kris

    I am both nervous and excited to start.

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