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Hi, I am new to this site. I am currently in the process of starting my RN-MSN (just finishing up pre-req's this fall and will start Core class in Spr 2011 term). My question is - I will graduate with NP degree (master's)... Read More

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    Hello to all fellow nurses who shares/exchanges information at this site. I have joined today 11-25-2010 in this info. sharing nursing community. I am looking forward to get help and help others.
    Thank you

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    Great thread!! I am older to and have nnt finished my NP yet. Will be over 60 when I do but I want it. I would be really interested in knowing which school LINURZ is in and other schools too that have admitted students in our age bracket. The applications ask birthdate, so I always wonder if it matters to them. I am only looking at online programs. Barinbass.
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    What a great idea!
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    Well after considerable research (over 2 years) I finally made a decision about going to Acute Care NP school. I was advised by my career center at my hospital that AC would fit my personality well, the future is bright, and with my
    leadership and management skills and MBA in international business I can virtually do anything at the hospital and advance quickly! HR is going to shuffle me into ICU after March 2011, I currently work in an Intermediate Cardiac Floor. This is my second career so I very excited about my future prospects! Additionally, I will be also obtaining the DNP that goes along with the NP in the future. My name is already mentioned in an international business text book and I have a flair for writing and analysis so I think research will be in my future as well!

    Good luck to all that are undergoing advanced nursing education at an older age. Age is very irrelevant, as long as you can do the job and have the passion! In many ways, we make better practitioners b/c of our life experiences and ability to relate to our patients. Plus, my patients tell me I don't look a day over late 30's or 40's and they were full alert when they said this to me! lol

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