2nd Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100 - page 5

back by popular demand! our first caption contest was a huge hit, we received hundreds of messages to run another contest, so here it is. good afternoon nurses, your misson, should you choose... Read More

  1. by   brillohead
    "I don't like orange juice, can you get me some apple juice instead?"
  2. by   brillohead
    "Contact precautions for C. diff -- you need gown and glove up and then come back."
  3. by   nurselindah
    Thanks for covering my shift!
  4. by   GHGoonette
    Don't tell me, let me guess - ANOTHER nursing student seeking help with homework?
  5. by   BNA_Houston
    "Thanks for all your hard work but the nursing shortage is filled"
  6. by   BNA_Houston
    "Another sip of water please"
  7. by   BNA_Houston
    "I know nursing school was an uphill battle buuuttt the shortage was filled in 2003. We just forgot to notify the media"
  8. by   BNA_Houston
    "Nurse, my sheets are cold"
  9. by   warrickd735
    Nursing diagnosis --- hmmm, well, I can think of several for this one - no, wait a second, he is the doctor!
  10. by   Megan1217
    Nurse Betty, a new grad, thought she had the coolest new job until she had to locate her missing psych patient........the one who thought he was Edmund Hillary!
  11. by   TopazLover
    "You seek wisdom? Don't sweat square corners. Learn to communicate better."
  12. by   CHAVNY
    Not that tube, the speckled top one....
  13. by   Annachu512
    "When told to seek out God in his life, Brian took it a little to seriously"