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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

By traumaRUs Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) is an advanced practice nurse (APN) who has at least a masters degree and more frequently nowadays, a doctorate. As with other APNs, the CRNA has passed a certification test in order to use the title CRNA. The CRNA provides anesthesia to a wide variety... Read More


Diabetes Nursing

By traumaRUs Diabetes is rampant in the US and gaining strength every year. This opens the door for nurses to care for and educate these patients. There are many avenues for nurses to obtain the needed education to provide this care. Advanced practice nurses (APNs) have even more opportunities related to... Read More


Just Another Day in Paradise

By VivaLasViejas Working weekends in a nursing home with the same cast of characters has its disadvantages, but also its charms. Like noshing on the donuts a staff member has hidden in the med room....wearing jeans to work.....and hanging out with some of the coolest people on the planet! *All names have been... Read More


Case Management

By traumaRUs Case management encompasses several models depending on the work environment. In the hospital, case managers are frequently utilized to determine length of stay and incorporating individual patient dynamics into the equation. Interqual is the resource most facilities use to determine... Read More


Hyperbaric Nursing

By traumaRUs Hyperbaric nursing has a long history. It originated well over 100 years ago as some type of life-prolonging “treatment” for the rich and famous. As time progressed, it was used in dive medicine. The care of the patient was handled by technicians, medical students and scientists interested in... Read More


Advice for Nursing Students: How to Thrive at Clinical Rotations

By Lev <3 Here are some do's and dont's of interacting with the nursing staff at your inpatient clinical rotation sites. These are just some suggestions based on my observations. 1) Arrive on time This is very important. Please be there before we get report, so we don’t have to take up time giving... Read More


It Only Takes a Smile.

By Charslight Sometimes when we work in the hospital, where we are accustomed to patient’s dying, we become a little desensitized, even if it is one of our own. Sometimes nurses are so focused on their patients that we forget to care about our cohorts, our coworkers, on whom we depend. It costs nothing to lift... Read More


Urology Nursing

By traumaRUs Urology Nursing is care of the patient with diagnoses of some type of urological dysfunction. For men, common urological complaints are prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, ureteral calculi, or some type of congenital abnormality. For women, the more common complaints are congenital in nature,... Read More


If You Give a Patient a Cookie

By Mully I am under the impression that it's impossible not to take pleasure in at least a little bit of dark humor as a nurse. It just comes with the territory. Much thanks to the original children's book this story is a satire of. Also to my coworker who noted that answering call lights is often like this... Read More


Endocrine Nursing

By traumaRUs Endocrine Nursing is related to diabetes nursing but involves many more disease processes. So, its only fitting that it gets its own article. Many nurses have diabetic knowledge but there are many more obscure diseases that fall under the endocrine nursing domain. This is where the specialized... Read More


Top 10 reasons we get fired!

By madwife2002 I have a huge interest in reasons we get fired, laid off or walk out of jobs. I believe we are more vulnerable than we can conceptualize, many years ago nurses were considered valuable assets and being a nurse meant we had a job for life. This is no longer true, the older we become the more... Read More


Infectious Disease Nursing

By traumaRUs Infectious Disease (ID) Nursing is the nursing care of the patient with infections. However, it goes far beyond that and encompasses multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO). As antibiotics have become so readily used over the years, we are now facing super-bugs. Only a few years ago,... Read More


Importance of Continuing Education in the Nursing Profession

By Beverly Sampson The importance of continued education with any profession is paramount. Within the Nursing profession it is a requirement. In general, to maintain your license you need twenty-four continuing education credits (CEU's) every two years. This article will discuss, and hopefully motivate us to go above... Read More


A Mile in Their Shoes

By jadelpn Part of patient care is the person's well being emotionally. So save the judgement. A facility should feel safe. If you have patients who are emotionally upset over their perception of care, this can add to an already diffcult patient assignment. Not to mention it is wrong and mean. A nurse is... Read More


Volunteer Nursing

By traumaRUs Volunteer nursing covers a wide range of nursing experiences. Many nurses are very active volunteers. Compassion and caring are the hallmarks of nursing. Nurses make fantastic volunteers. Possibilities for nurse volunteers abound. In addition to helping others, volunteering looks great on your... Read More



By jadelpn Confidence is an integral part of being a successful nurse. Confidence and ego are 2 entirely seperate things. So lets focus for a minute on the confidence you need to be successful. It takes a special person to be a nurse. But a nurse who is not afraid to continually learn and grow in this... Read More


Are you providing great or just good enough patient care?

By Surg-OncRN I thought about this question as I reflected on my day with my new orientee who has been with me for almost two weeks now. She is a new grad but does have previous military experience as a medic. She has far exceeded my expectations so far during this orientation. We were extremely busy the other... Read More


How to Survive Nursing Profession: A Psychological Approach for New Nurses

By proudauntie415 This is a paper I had to write in my junior level English course. I was given the task of choosing something that I had to give "instructions" on how to complete. I figured something such as a simple dressing change, or any basic instructional document wouldn't suffice. I wanted to present... Read More

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