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Managing life outside of school...

By QueenAnnissa - Managing life outside of school can be a balancing act. As students we strive to achieve good grades and course objectives inside the classroom, while also attempting to care for the other areas of our life such as relationships, family, work, and home life. This article discusses the different... Read More


We don't need your kind here

By jadelpn - Every unit has them. The nurses who, at any level of licensure, have been with the facility for a number of years. Depending on how small your Town is, those nurses who know patients and their histories well. Who know the family dynamics, know when the patient is not "themselves", how to convince a... Read More


Organizational Barriers to Professional Development for Nurses

By dan83 - Existing research supports the notion that nurses poses an ongoing drive to acquire knowledge placing value on their own professional development and that healthcare organization play a role in hindering achieving professional development goals. This qualitative survey research study explores the... Read More


Reflection-healthcare quality and safety

By gypsyd8 - The following reflection will describe my understanding of the current status of health care quality and safety and my ideas for the best way to improve patient safety. I am just finishing my third semester of the Masters of Science in Nursing program. Since I am at the halfway mark, I should be... Read More


Cruel Summer

By VivaLasViejas - To say that the summer of 2013 will go down in history as my worst ever would be the understatement of the century. I lost my high-paying, executive-level job in May to a combination of a stress-induced bipolar crisis and corporate politics. This was followed shortly by my elderly sister's... Read More


Silver Lining

By canesdukegirl - Busy days and chaotic circumstances oftentimes lead to "reactive" instead of "proactive" mindsets. As nurses, our first priority is our patients. It's difficult to keep this in mind when we have so many things demanding our attention. This article outlines how important it is to focus on our... Read More


Who's afraid of the ICU?

By Trissity - I won't say that I always wanted to be a nurse, but it is a near thing. Even when life got in the way, and delayed my career for several years, nursing was always in the back of my mind. When I finally did get into nursing school, I was ecstatic. It was grueling and stressful, but never scary.... Read More


2013 Superbug

By MassED - In my perusal of the daily internet news, I come across a headline of “superbug” that both captivates and horrifies me. I should be doing chores, studying, or a multitude of other things on my day off from work, but this necessitates more investigation. The deeper I delve into this topic, the more... Read More


Why nurses don't want to be identified in public?

By Mully - This is a true, dramatized story to help highlight something important I learned in my first year of nursing. I remember hearing nurses tell stories about being in the public and not wanting anyone to know that they are a nurse. I always thought that was strange, because I've always been so proud... Read More


Jocularity at its Finest: A Hilarious Account of Misinterpretation

By canesdukegirl - Beth slammed her locker closed, and adjusted her green scrubs. She pulled a blue bouffant cap over her hair and stepped into the OR hallway. As she made her way to the front desk, her work clogs echoed in the deserted hallway. She picked up the posting slips labeled for her room, and flipped... Read More


The average time Nurse Managers spend in meetings is 38 hours per week.

By MshawSVS - Do you lament that meetings are time consuming and can be wasteful activities. With the average number of hours spent per week in meetings equating to 76% of nurse managers time it's no wonder. We tested this out and came up with three tops tips for curbing meeting overload. There's just got to be... Read More


Shockingly Humbled

By canesdukegirl - “She’s crashing!” yells the second year anesthesiology resident. His high pitched voice slices through the alarms that pierce the green tiled operating room. His forehead creases, and his eyes are wild as he rapidly glances from his patient to the monitor. His meaty hands awkwardly search for... Read More


Death and All His Friends

By molly.hershman - I was 16 years old when I saw death for the first time. I was working in a small emergency room, and they brought an old man in who had had a heart attack while out canoeing with his wife. There were chest compressions, quiet sobs from his wife, the grim silence as the doctor stepped away... Read More


The Insanity that is APA in Nursing School

By The_Optimist - I am sure that I am not alone in having had pure evil thoughts about “A.P.A” format. What is this APA format, you ask! This so well-loved format that could be the determining factor between a passing or failing grade. If you have ever heard the saying, “crying more than the bereaved”, then you have... Read More



By jadelpn - The first thoughts in the mind of a number of nurses is "I don't even have time for a bathroom or meal break.....this is not funny and I find no reason to laugh". Or even more serious "I work with dying people, people who are not hopeful, it is inappropriate to smile and laugh". Every bit of... Read More


How to get an "A" in any course.

By queserasera - Whether you're a seasoned pre-nursing student or just starting out these easy to follow steps can launch you into academic success. Take a new approach to your daily routine, make time for yourself and never fall behind in a class again. These study tips can be applied to any learning styles and... Read More


My Journey into Nursing

By greg0421 - Hello. My name is Greg and I am a Male nursing student. This article is an essay chronicling my first clinical experience in an emergency room. When entering the clinical setting everything takes on a completely different meaning. Another person’s life depends on the actions and interventions... Read More


How Far Can You Nurse?

By jerolez - Nursing is everything, as a whole but we can never draw a line between science and religion for an ill patient's will. This is a story of a patient whose religious belief matters most for his preparation towards death that between science and religion, he chose the faith from his Creator that no... Read More