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Calling In Sick: Dealing With Mental Illness At Work, Part 3

By VivaLasViejas The series continues with a look at some of the ways nurses with mental health challenges can help themselves to achieve and maintain wellness. We also discuss what can be done in the unfortunate event that an episode of illness manifests itself on... Read More


Nursing: Moment by Moment

By Charslight In Nursing, we cannot save the world. Our work and the joys reaped are measured in moments. We have to be awake and pay attention in order to see those moments, in order to reap the rewards of an incredible career, lest we burnout easily. Read More


Dialysis and Renal Nursing

By traumaRUs As the US population ages, renal disease is entering many families. There is a growing need for nurses skilled in caring for these often-times very complex patients. Many disease processes including hypertension, nephropathies, nephritis as well... Read More


My defining moment as a nurse...

By marty6001 Despite thousands of hours as a nurse, one phone call at home changed everything for me forever. It's funny how poised we can be while working with patients, but when one of our own is the patient, it is a paralyzing fear that makes us unable to... Read More


Calling In Sick: Dealing With Mental Illness At Work, Part 2

By VivaLasViejas Second in a series about handling the sensitive issues posed by psychiatric disorders in the workplace. Here we explore ways to answer difficult interview questions and challenge employers when they request personal health information. Read More


Tactical Nudity and Other Fun Aspects of Deployed Army Nursing

By Pixie.RN In my last Army Nursing article, I was preparing to deploy. Now seven months after that article, I am almost halfway done with my deployment! It's been an amazing experience, and not at all what I expected. Then again, I truly had no idea what to... Read More


I am passionate about nursing, are you?

By madwife2002 Being passionate about nursing is something I am not ashamed of, it can frighten some people but mostly it has been received well. I thrive on knowledge and I have never been afraid to challenge, I hate to be dismissed so I am like a dog after a... Read More


Hearts and Entertainment

By VivaLasViejas Here's a story about a wild-and-crazy Saturday in a skilled nursing facility when staff and patients alike combine to keep each other off-balanced, confused, and rolling on the floor laughing. We are the proud. We are the strong. We are.......the... Read More


A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

By Kendel.G I am an intern at a pediatric cardiologistís office. On clinical days I get to run ECGs (electrocardiogram) on tiny patients. Running ECGs is relatively simple. I stick eight electrodes onto little bodies and hook them up to a machine. I type in... Read More



By SoldierNurse22 Located deep in Any State, USA, at the MEDDAC on Fort Somewhere: A rare look inside the experience of an active duty Army nurse during the government shutdown and the far-reaching consequences for a military and civilian workforce at war. Read More


My defining moment as a new graduate nurse

By prnqday The work day started as any typical day on the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. I arrived on the unit promptly at 6:30am to gather all pertinent information on my two critical patients. I printed off my cardiac EKG strips, looked up my patientsí... Read More


10 Questions New Grads Would Love to Ask a Recruiter

By Just and R.N Wouldn't it be great to get the inside scoop from someone who actually knows what it takes to be hired? If there were 10 questions you could ask a recruiter/HR manager what would they be? Here are some of mine. I would love any feedback from those... Read More


The Clinical Performance in Nursing Exam (CPNE): what the heck is this madness?!

By Pixie.RN After writing an overview of EC's ADN program in early 2013, I thought I'd shed some light on the most daunting part of this program: the Clinical Performance in Nursing Exam (CPNE). This is arguably the most challenging part of becoming an RN "the... Read More


Red in the Face

By jadelpn I am often taken aback by the parental tone used by those in charge as a form of communication with other professional adults. Since when is yelling considered appropriate? It, in my opinion, undermines the professional demeanor that the powers... Read More


Calling In Sick: Dealing With Mental Illness At Work, Part 1

By VivaLasViejas Inspired by discussions with Allnurses members and others, this is the first in a brief series of articles about how anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions affect nurses in the workplace. These illnesses are among the most common... Read More


Losing my religion

By jadelpn Ah, the lively religious debate. As nurses, we all take care of a multitude of patients, all with specific, and sometimes not so specific, emotional/spiritual needs. And unless one works within a religious entity, here's my take on why a nurse's... Read More


NCLEX-RN - Don't Give Up!

By NewYorkNurse88 You finished pre-requisites, completed nursing school, and have officially graduated from a nursing program. All that is left to do, is pass the dreaded, NCLEX-RN. I failed the first time with 263 questions, and the second time, I passed with 75... Read More


Nurses in trouble get second chances - Minnesota

By brian Front page lead story in the Sunday Star Tribune investigates the Disciplinary actions of the Minnesota State Board of Nursing. Minnesota rarely throws nurses out of the profession for unsafe conduct. Records examined by the Star Tribune of more... Read More


Top 10 List of Patient Survey Ideas

By jadelpn Can we change a culture on an achilles heel? Can we change patient perception if nurses are not "bought in" to the idea of "customer" care? Can we make some culture changes to reflect a more individualized approach to nursing care while still... Read More


Playing to my strengths - sometimes having "job ADD" isn't always a bad thing!

By pinkiepieRN I'll admit it, I get bored easily. This is not to say that I get complacent at a job, but once I'm doing well with my job duties, I start finding other things to do, in addition to my own responsibilities. I started organizing and stocking the... Read More

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