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Medical-Surgical Nursing

By traumaRUs Medical-surgical (med-surg) nursing is the basis of all nursing care. We all learn basic med-surg principles in nursing school and then most of us move on to a specialty. However, we must all have this basic knowledge in order to move to a... Read More


I Hate...

By jadelpn The dictionary defines hate as intense hostility and/or aversion usually deriving from fear, anger or a sense of injury. There has been more than one discussion on hating. Hate is one of those words that have become second nature, and used much... Read More


Advocate and Negotiate

By jadelpn Part of what a nurse does is educate patients. Sometimes, we see a patient who has a new diagnosis that requires a significant lifestyle change. Sometimes we see the same patients for the umpteenth time on the same stuff, different day. The art... Read More


Emergency Nursing

By Pixie.RN Emergency nursing is a specialty in which situations change and evolve from minute to minute. Emergency nurses must be able to create order from chaos. This article gives an overview of the specialty, discusses education requirements, outlines some... Read More


NCLEX Study Tips! My story

By PrettyLady87 Studying for the NCLEX (whether it be for RN or PN), can be one of the most exasperating times for anyone. Although there are numerous methods to study for it, every person is different in the way that study, learn and understand, and apply.... Read More


Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired: Freedom of Speech

By madwife2002 I believe in freedom of speech, when I was a manager I would allow the staff to come to me and vocalize any issues or workplace problems they may experience. Something which has rarely been offered to me! I do not believe there is tolerance in... Read More


Endocrine Nursing

By traumaRUs Endocrine Nursing is related to diabetes nursing but involves many more disease processes. So, its only fitting that it gets its own article. Many nurses have diabetic knowledge but there are many more obscure diseases that fall under the endocrine... Read More


Top 10 reasons we get fired!

By madwife2002 I have a huge interest in reasons we get fired, laid off or walk out of jobs. I believe we are more vulnerable than we can conceptualize, many years ago nurses were considered valuable assets and being a nurse meant we had a job for life. This is no... Read More


Infectious Disease Nursing

By traumaRUs Infectious Disease Nursing encompasses many aspects of nursing such as bedside care, community nursing, case management and public health. As more and more superbugs are found, the need for ID nurses will grow. Many skill sets are used in ID... Read More


Importance of Continuing Education in the Nursing Profession

By Beverly Sampson In the Nursing Profession it is paramount that we continue to educate ourselves. This will enhance the Professionalism that we strive for as Nurses and it greatly benefits our patients. There are many ways we can continue to learn, and this article... Read More


EMT and Nursing

By jadelpn This article is meant as a reflection on my own experiences. Feel free to add your own. There may be some significant variables in others experiences, and my experience may be unique. When one is both an EMT and a nurse, it brings to the table a... Read More


The Legal Nurse Consultant

By sirI The role of the Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) is a multifaceted career choice. The primary purpose of the LNC is to assist the nurse to understand the Board of Nursing (BON), Nurse Practice Act (NPA), Scope of Practice (SOP), hospital policies and... Read More


Nursing Entrepreneurs

By traumaRUs Want to be your own boss, be responsible for your own success or failure? Then become a nurse entrepreneur! The possibilities are endless. Here are some opportunities that you can consider. However, you need the skills, business acumen and drive... Read More


I will not do this

By I_will_not_do_this It’s just another day at work—a beautiful day, in fact—the kind where you find yourself looking longingly out the window every few moments wishing you could enjoy just a bit of the clear, crisp fall weather before it fades to the inevitable... Read More


Quality Improvement Specialist

By madwife2002 There is increasing emphasis on improving the quality of care provided by hospitals. Nurses are integral to patients’ well being both in and out of acute care facilities; nurses are pivotal in hospital efforts to improve quality. Hospitals face... Read More


Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

By traumaRUs CRNA is a popular APN specialty. It is one of the more, if not the highest paid APN. However, you don’t become a CRNA without earning it. Competition is fierce to get into school and once in school, studying for many hours per day is the norm. Read More


Diabetes Nursing

By traumaRUs Diabetes is rampant in the US and gaining strength every year. This opens the door for nurses to care for and educate these patients. There are many avenues for nurses to obtain the needed education to provide this care. Advanced practice nurses... Read More


Just Another Day in Paradise

By VivaLasViejas Working weekends in a nursing home with the same cast of characters has its disadvantages, but also its charms. Like noshing on the donuts a staff member has hidden in the med room....wearing jeans to work.....and hanging out with some of the... Read More


Case Management

By traumaRUs Case Management is the nursing involved with the business of length of stay. Incorporation InterQual or another ranking system, the CM determines length of stay based on numerous factors. There are also other CM models so individual jobs will vary. Read More


Hyperbaric Nursing

By traumaRUs Hyperbaric Nursing is the nursing specialty involving the care of the patient undergoing hyperbaric therapy. This could be a patient who has the “bends” from a dive accident. Or, it could be the patient with the complex and chronic wound. Read More

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