z track injection


Which is the most common medication administered through z track?


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I know that they give Iron that way

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Imferon - if Imferon gets into the surface tissues it stains the skin forever, so you want to inject it by Z-track to get it deep and to seal the track as you withdraw the needle so none of the drug seeps back afterward into the subcutaneous tissues. That is the purpose of Z-Track--to seal the needle track and trap the drug contents where it has been deposited.


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Demerol can be given Z-track because it can be very irritating

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At my school we are taught to give all IMs Z-track. Is that not common?


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For us too, if the needle is 1 1/2 inches, we are z-tracking it.


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Steroids and Inferion are the only ones we give Ztrack


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iron injections bc it can stain the skin permanately. also any med that may be irritating to the surrounding tissue (demerol).


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I keep hearing "anything that can be irritating ," but how can you know which medications will be irritating before you give it? Is this information in drug books, drug packets...?

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Iron is the only one i know of right off the top of my head.

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