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Now how comfortable are you as a nurse? Assuming you're working in an ER (or any unit) with no techs but you nurses.

Females: Inserting a urethral cath to an alert handsome young male.

Males: Doing an EKG or inserting a Foley cath to a voluptuous young female.

Gosh... 2x this week alone in the ER I had to do an EKG on a 32 year old single beautiful female patient and insert a Foley cath on a newly-wed 26 year old blonde. Both times the patients told a co-worker I blushed and seemed a newbie. Mind you, I've done these procedures hundreds of times but never on these situations.

Next time I'll beg a co-worker to switch. I'll even take 2 of her patients.



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Geeze, it is sooooo much easier to get the leads on a young woman as opposed to trying to figure out how to get them properly placed on the "gravity challenged" . As for the other......not faced that problem yet.

You have to look at patients as a biological specimen and put on your "game face" or your peers will see you as a male nurse, instead of how you should be regarded. As simply a nurse.

Good luck


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Funny you should mention that......a few of my classmates just started working as RN's at a local hospital. Apparently an incredibly handsome 30 y/o male was in a MVA, had to have a total hip replacement. They were so disappointed when he was able to void on his own! LMAO!!!!!!!


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Two years ago I was assigned the father of my best friend - our families have lived next door to each other for 30 years....he had liver ca and had developed a decub on his coccyx...when I went in to do the dressing change I gave him the option of getting another nurse if he was uncomfortable with me doing this. His reply was "Life is a circle....when you were little, I changed your diapers and took care of you. Now in your chosen proffesion, it has come full circle and it is your turn to take care of me." His wisdom made my job much easier and when he died 8 days later, I was there too along with his family and my parents....being able to help keep him comfortable as a nurse made the loss a little easier.


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I haven't worked on men much since starting my nursing career (except when I float). I am still terribly embarrassed sometimes. I floated to a urology/vascualr surgery floor and had a youngish man in for a TUPR who had CBI running that I needed to get washed. I pulled back his foreskin to give him a good wash and couldn't get it back down without signifigant manipulation. It was REALLY uncomfortable. The same shift a man who isn't all there mentally needed a catheter put in and he would up getting an erection as I was doing it :eek: . The LPN started to tease me mercilessly. I am so glad I work L&D normally!


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and may i ask why you were blushing???? ;)


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That's their claim but I didn't blush...reallllllly!!! :o

Hey, I'm a greenhorn! I'm not used to seeing a lot of it. :p



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This reminds me of when I worked in an STD clinic and had to collect cultures from the men complaining of an STD. They were young studs and thought they were pretty cool, sitting on the exam table with their pants down, fully erect. Usually they were there with chlamydia or gonorrhea and I would look them straight in the eye and say" If you think I'm in any way attracted to you with Green pus coming out of your penis, think again". That was usually enough to deflate their sails. Although there were a few incredibly gorgeous guys that I didn't mind examining at all. But I did turn red and usually got pretty flustered!! I did enjoy that job!!

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