You're getting and admit. ::...Fine::

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  1. How many admits do you take during your shift?

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1730hrs. - I said "fine!", because it was my second admit of the day; I just got done with my first admit (Hx, assessment, meds, labs, done!), discharged two pt's; and got to take lunch today too! (Whooo-Hoooooo)

1830hrs. - Pt arrives on floor. ...***** ...No Report? --NO Idiot!, It's a direct admit!

::Slap Forehead:: OK, Let's greet the pt.

Hello Mr/Ms Late Arrival. What brings you in today? ...mmm, hmm... !!!!!What?,,, Oh no you didn't!!!! You DIDN'T say "CHEST PAIN" !!!

So much for any hope of leaving on time! LOL

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I kind of don't understand the poll to be honest. I take as many as I am assigned. Fortunately I have never been assigned more than two thus far.

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the most is two on average. The ED has to bring them up no later than 10 min before end of shift.

Most of the time 2. We are all electronic so the worst night EVER was when I got 4 new patients, in a 2 hour period, 3 were direct admits, AND the computers went down! Left work 4 hours late--

This is really a "it depends" question. I've had days where I start with 5 or 6 patients and don't D/C anyone so I don't get anyone. And I've had days where I flip my whole assignment. Most likely, I'm probably going to get 1-2 admits.

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I don't mind admissions, sometimes 2-3, depends on our census and ED census. I do as much as I can and pass it on to the next shift. Nursing is 24/7 so I don't see why you would have to stay later, just let the next shift take the patient like they should.

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Girl when I hear chest pain I know its going downhill from there. I call my husband and say heat up the food in the fridge.

In my unit, they try their best to give us just 1 admit on a shift. But that totally depends on how many you discharge and if they downgrade patients from ICU or stepdown (they don't count downgrades as admits because the assessments are done). The most you would get in a shift would be 2. I have had 3 admits once though on a particularly busy night.

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