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Your job, LOVE it or HATE it? What field of nursing are you in?

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I work FT in a busy rehab right now, but I'm thinking of switching to hospice. It's not that I don't like my job, it's just not as rewarding as I'd like. Sometimes I feel like I am only here to push Prilosec and pain pills and do wounds and skin assessments! My patients often are fracture pt's. Sometimes I dread going to work, because I'm bored and sick of the monotony. Intellectually, I'm starving. The reward is when my patient's thank me for me 'the only one who listened to me', or 'thank you for just caring about me'. As a new LPN (almost a year exp), I know my hospital chances are more limited, plus I really want to finish my RN before going to hospital so I can be as independent as possible. I am interested in neuro and tele. (I suppose I shouldn't completely discount hospitals as an LPN). I want to learn and experience more.

Hospice, I know is rewarding, but I also wonder if I'm ready for that as well..

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JacknSweetpea has 3 years experience and specializes in drug seekers and the incurably insane..

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I work in a LTC which is basically an extension of a psych hospital we have here in town. There are residents from the age of 21 to 98 there. The young to middle-aged schizo drug seekers are not fun to deal with, but the elderly are a hoot!!! The elderly ones are usually really sweet....just really insane! I love my job sometimes and hate it sometimes. It depends on the day and my frame of mind 'cause I'm insane too:jester::jester:!! I've been there since I got out of LPN school, and will likely stay there as long as I work as nurse. I especially loathe the politics there though. I've seen so many excellent nurses escorted out of the building b/c they managed to cross the wrong person. I try to stay away from the drama, and do the best I can. Unfortunately, as in other fields....there are a lot of politics and backstabbing in nursing. Just do your work and stay away from the bastards.

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