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I was reading some of the comments relating to the nurse physician relationship, and I agree that there is room for improvement in the way that we treat one another in some circumstances. Being a young female physician, I was naturally interested in the numerous comments about the attitude problem of young female physicians who do not like being confused with nurses.

I am inferring that nurses feel that this attitude is condescending, as though the reason we do not like it is because we feel that being a nurse would be beneath us. At least from my standpoint, my dislike of the "young woman = nurse" assumption is not a nurse-physician issue but a gender issue. I do not mind the occasional patient calling me nurse once; what is frustrating as a young female physician is the pervasiveness of this assumption throughout our daily activities. I wear a large, red nametag with the letters MD on it, and every time I walk into a room a introduce myself as a doctor. Without insulting people's intelligence, I do not know what else I can do to make my role in the hospital experience clear. However, at least once a day, someone complains that no physician has been in to see them.

I find it amazing that we live in a society in which gender roles are still so clearly defined.


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Originally posted by youngfemaledoc

I find it amazing that we live in a society in which gender roles are still so clearly defined.

Amen Sister!

And one-day "male nurses" won't be confused as physicians or (worse yet) "failed physician homosexuals".



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"failed physician homosexuals"

That goes double for MALE NP's!


gwenith, BSN, RN

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Blame the 50's and 60's movies where the nurse was ALWAYS female and the doctor ALWAYS male - it is hardly any better today although there have been some improvements.


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Originally posted by gwenith

Blame the 50's and 60's movies where the nurse was ALWAYS female and the doctor ALWAYS male - it is hardly any better today although there have been some improvements.

Ah yes, the influence of "mass media" which advertising types understands and capitalizes on so well. This is why we should pay attention to such things.



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You mean I'll have to look forward to my sexual orientation being questioned because I wanna be a nurse?? :eek:

Is there any more bad news before I get going on this thing?



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Interesting...thanks for sharing your perspective youngfemaledoc.

live4today, RN

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I worked with a young female doctor who matches your "comments" perfectly. I have met several young female doctors who are hot and bothered by being mistaken as a "nurse"...geesh! Let's NOT confuse the young female docs with being a "nurse". What's the world coming to anyway? :rolleyes:

Since I am female, and my life's dream was to grow up and become a doctor, I in no way had or have problems working with female docs. Most of the healthcare providers that I see for my own healthcare are female by my choosing, so why would I not be accepting of a female doctor?

I've worked with some great doctors....both male and female. I've worked with some great nurses...both male and female.

The problem I have is when the genders wear their "holier than thou" attitudes, and in the process put down those of us who don't care what their gender is as long as their professionalism matches their they a nurse or a doctor...male or female.

One female doc wrote me up because she did not get what she wanted when she wanted it. She was NOT wearing a badge of any kind, she had on blue scrubs (lots of staff wear blue scrubs), she was sarcastic when asked who she was and answered in a condescending tone. She did NOT have a white lab coat on with the medical emblem where I would have readily known who she was either. Her whole "young female doctor" problem was taken out on me during a very hectic point in the shift when my patients needed me instead of the sarcastic attitude she brought with her to the scene.

So tell me "youngfemaledoctor" can you young female doctors improve your relations with other health personnel you work with rather than internalizing how you presume or assume you are being read and turning it into an "attitudinal attack" on other healthcare staff, especially nurses, who do NOT deserve the chip some of you wear on your "young female doctor" shoulders??? :nurse:


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Originally posted by jadednurse

Poor Cubs! Just wait 'til next year....

And the year after, and the year after that....



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I've experienced that a lot of times too youngfemaledoc! I/m a 28 year old female physician here in my country. When I started practising, I really hated it when patients or even their relatives call me a nurse. They even ask me, " Miss, where's the doctor?" Then I tell them, "I'm the doctor" (Stone-faced). Then they'd say, " I'm sorry doc. You LOOK SO YOUNG!" (then I feel good).

Most patients imagine doctors as old, with thick glasses. So next time, just think about this, you look young and fresh....:D

Hi cheerfuldoer! I just want to say that in the hospital where I worked, the nurses love me. We had a good relationship. :kiss


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Originally posted by hbscott

And the year after, and the year after that....



At least we're a consistent team!

Sorry, on to your regularly scheduled thread...


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I worked with a DDS who was female...wore lots of jewlery, dresses, always had her hair and make up done, she was very pretty. I can't tell you how many times she would walk into the room and and start talking to the pt and they would ask if she was the DDS, when she would say yes, many replied oh, your too pretty to be a DDS.

what???? Now, this was out in Palm Springs CA where there are a lot of older ppl and she delt with this day in and day out. We had on 3 occasions, pt's leave because they wanted a male DDS, and they told us this.

BTW, she was the best periodontist in the biz and once ppl realized this they loved her.

Either way, I still wouldn't give up being a girl for the world!!!!

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