You Know You're A *Pediatric* Nurse When

For the past five years, I have had the opportunity to have a profession in Pediatric Nursing. People often say, "How can you work with sick little kids?" in response to me telling them I work in the Pediatric and Pediatric ICU settings as an RN. I often think that people assume Pediatric nursing is "just nursing" but on people of a smaller scale. I'll never forget the day a Peds Surgeon told us, a group of Peds nurses, at an informational meeting, that "children are NOT just small adults." They are not small adults, not anatomically, not physically, and most definitely not developmentally! Specialties Pediatric Article


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This made me smile! I loved it! I want to go into pediatric nursing and this made me realize once again why I want to do it.


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Lovely!! Im a pediatric nurse, and it is my passion!! I work in a physician's office and trying to get a job where I can work in hospital setting at least 2 weekends out of the month. Im hoping to be able to become a nurse specializing in pediatric oncology!!! very nice post.

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