Yippee!! Moving to Indiana!

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hello allnurses siblings!

i'm moving to indianapolis, indiana to live, work, and play! i'm so excited i've been smiling this big huge smile for the past six hours since learning the move is definitely a go! i'll have to take a benadryl tonight to calm down enough to sleep. :rotfl: oh well...just wanted to share my great news with all my sibs here at allnurses instead of the sad news i sometimes bring to the board! :D

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Congratulations!! I am an Indianapolis resident, and love the big city/small town atmosphere. I am a native Hoosier, but from a map dot in the northern part of the stat. Where are you coming to work at?



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congratulations!! i am an indianapolis resident, and love the big city/small town atmosphere. i am a native hoosier, but from a map dot in the northern part of the stat. where are you coming to work at?



it will either be at the children's hospital, the university hospital, or methodist at this point. i have others in mind too. my oldest daughter lives in the northwestern section of indianapolis with her husband and seven children, so that is why i've decided to relocate there. they are so excited, especially the grandchildren! :kiss

what hospitals do you not recommend i work at, lori? :)

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All that you mentioned are excellent. I am looking at Methodist or St Vincent for the furture for me. I would stay away from any of the State Psych hospitals, but that is more based on personal dislike of the long term psych work. (not my cup of tea)

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thanks a lot lori for the headsup on the hospitals. my daughter also mentioned st. vincent to me. i've seen the inside of that hospital when my youngest granddaughter was born, but the memory is vague. :)

well, i better go take my benadryl and other medications i take at bedtime so i can relax enough to fall asleep. somethings got to take me off this cloud nine i'm on. :rotfl:

until tomorrow...nighty night! :)

Great for you and those grandkids. Keep us posted on developments.

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I loved Indy (lived there from 92 to 96). We lived in Castleton area - great schools! I worked at the VA in the MICU/CCU. Wonderful benefits. I also did a bridge LPN to ADN at Marian College when I first moved to Indy and did clinicals at St Vincents - wonderful place to work - nurses seemed very happy. Had experience with my son as pt at Community North Hospital and very happy there also. Good luck...

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:balloons: thanks everyone for being so kind and encouraging. with all that is going through my life right now, i can use all the encouragement and support i can get. that's one of the main reasons i'm moving to indianapolis to be closer to my oldest daughter, son-in-law, and seven grandchildren. it will also put me closer to my younger daughter whose husband is stationed at scott air force base, il (they have four children). as for the daughter in texas...well, maybe she'll join us in indiana one day (she's strongly considering it so her son can get to know his cousins better). :)

i've been searching for apartments most of today online, and found a few i like, but what looks good online, may not look so good in person. i'm going there this weekend anyway to celebrate two grandkids birthdays, and will have a chance to scout around for a place to move into.

if any hoosiers have any suggestions as to where would be a great place for me to rent, please let me know. i'm planning to move in the northwest section of indy since that's where my kid and her family live, but they own a home there. i'm just going to rent for now. :)

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