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17 Year old Nursing Student - 28 credits- Associate of Arts or Science Degree?

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I'm 17 years old and on a 100% tuition scholarship so paying for classes is not a worry. What I want to know is should I go for the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Science degree in Nursing so far I have taken classes that is credited to both I have 28 so far. I tried asking my college counselors but they say I can succeed at either one and don't really seem to be getting my question.

I also need to know which one would be faster so I can reach my goal of Bachelor's at 19 and Master's at 21.

Jolie, BSN

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You need to direct these questions to the advisers at the college(s) you attend or plan to attend.

Are you currently enrolled in an ADN nursing program? If so, which degree does your college grant? I am not aware of programs that offer both and allow the candidate to choose the degree s/he prefers.

Do you have a program in mind for your RN-BSN or RN-MSN completion? If so, the advisers there can help you choose your coursework and degree path.

A more important question for you is where are you in the program now? Have you actually been accepted into the nursing program as of yet?

The two year ADN programs or any of the associate programs for nursing are actually more than three years in length of time. They are not only two years as there is more than a year of pre-reqs that need to be done. So not sure how you are going to meet your time-table.

Both programs are going to take the same length of time, there is really no difference in either one of them.

If you are 17 now, then you add on the two years to that, that gets you to the ADN. Then you need to add on two more years to get to the BSN. So not sure where you are coming up with 19 and having the BSN, not sure how you expect to be doing that.

I wish you the best of luck.

One other question, have you actually spoken to someone in the College of Nursing or are are you speaking to the Liberal Arts counselors? You need to be speaking to the College of Nursing directly as they have specific requirements that you may not know about. Also, getting accepted to a Community College does not guarantee that one is automatically accepted to the nursing program there, it requires a separate application after the pre-reqs are completed.

If you are just beginning, you probably would have been betterr off with going directly into the BSN program, you will actually get the BSN faster by going that route.

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