Yay!!! Just got a job at a school!!!

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Hi yall!! I just got a call today that I got a job as a school nurse!! i am SOOO excited!!! I have always wanted to do this and as an LVN my options were limited... but luckily I found a school district that happened to need a nurse and... I got the job!!! But I am also a little nervous... Any advice that yall wished you had known when you first started out?? Any ideas on how to decorate the office? lol Or any "must haves" for a school nurse?? Anyway I am so happy to have to the opportunity to do this, and I cannot wait for the school year!!!!


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congratulations ! :yeah: i am an lpn and have been doing this for 17 years now. i love it, and so will you. come to this forum often and you will get loads of advice about school nursing.

i am so happy for you ! best of luck in your new venture ! :grpwlcm:

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Let us know how we can help!!

Connect with your state and national association!

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Welcome. You will have a year of transitions. Feel free to come here and vent, ask questions, whatever. This is a great group. I love my job and you will, too. For some great ideas, check out Gerri Harvey's site


She has some great ideas form bulletin boards to transitioning from the hospital to the school. Keep us updated as to how it is going!!



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thanks so much for al the nice comments!! I am very excite but... a little nervous too. I know its going to be completely different than what I have done before, but... I am a quick learner. I've been reading the school nursing threads and have laughed a few times... also have thought "oh no!" thanks soooooo much for the links! I've been up all nite the past few nites reading info from the websites lol...

anyway i am SO excited and can't wait to get started!!! :redpinkhe

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I've never been a school nurse but I worked in the health room for a couple of years and I just wanted to say congrats on your school nurse job. Are you in elementary , middle, or high ? If you are in elementary school here are some must haves: lots of icepacks( works like magic), and a whole lot of TLC ! They will love you and you will love each and every student. Good luck !


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thanks nursing student 19 :)

yes i will be in elementary school!!! Ice packs and TLC.. got it!!

Feel free to let me know if you think of anything else!!!!


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that is awesome news! i, too have just been hired at an elementary school for this school year. i got a taste of it and was able to get in the last couple of months at the end of last years school year at a different school and absolutely loved it! although i will actually be working as a tech this year (cut backs in funds), i am glad i will have the same type hours and who can beat weekends and holidays off?! that age group is so loving and wonderful, my favorite age group!


congrats on your new position! i am sure you will love it! i, as well have a lot to learn still, but will enjoy the learning process.


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"I will actually be working as a tech this year "

Are you an RN?

Will the district's insurance cover you if you act within your RN role (which your license & Nurse Practice Act requires you to do), and will your own malpractice cover you if you do not?

From the Schwab & Gelfman book: Legal Issues in School Health Services, it says this "scenario is troubling", p. 34.

p. 146: "From a risk management point of view, it is inadvisable for a licensed nurse to work in positions that do not require or support their licensed responsibility to clients. " It goes on to say you are putting yourself in legal jeapardy.

It goes on to say that if you inactivate your RN license , there is no legal conflict.

Be careful and make sure you are not putting yourself, your license and your family's financial situation at risk.


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i am an lpn working as a health tech. i did have some concens with that before i agreed to take the job for the reason that i am obligated by the nurse practice act to carry out my role as an lpn. if anything other than an emergency arises, i will be on the phone with my immediate rn supervisor to come over and carry out that nursing task as my nursing director has advised me. with being a school nurse, i am mainly there to assess their needs and call the parents to come get them, or call an ambulance if neccessary. if there is a medically complex child that happens to enroll, they will certainly have to "upgrade" to a nurse.

i will definately be careful. as far as , i am covered under my company. the school district is not my direct employer, an outside company i have been with in pediatric home health has gotten the contract this year. all my medical is with my husband's job.

with jobs in this area being few and far between and trying to spend as much time with my kids as possible, this job is just ideal for me.

thank you for your thoughts, it is very much appreciated!

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good luck basha ! please come here often and you will get a wealth of information regarding school nursing. welcome aboard !


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Good For you!!!

Good luck!

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