Yay got my syllabi


I checked on my school website and all my syllabi are up!! Along with schedules, readings, and assignment info. I start the 29th and I am soo excited. I know I am going to have to work extra hard but it's easier to be excited about school when it's really something that you want to do! However I am not as excited about the assignments; writing and group projects, definitely not my favorite or my strong point (writing). I'll just have to find a way to cope! Good luck to all my fellow nursing students!:D

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Good luck in all of your courses! I know you'll do just fine! I tend to struggle with group projects myself! Just make sure you pair yourself with your fellow serious students if you're able to pick and choose! You don't want to be stuck doing all the work that is a group-load! :) Have fun!

I was excited to find one of mine already posted but unfortunately no specific reading assignments. I start the 29th too. Good Luck.

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Yay ! Good luck ! I have read my syllabus back to back. so ready for school to start.


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I got mine yesterday and I'm getting excited too, but also a little nervous! I know I can do it, but it's unlike anything I've ever done before and I have no idea what to expect! Good luck to everyone!


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I'm excited too! I start Aug 22. I've waited 15+ years to go back to school though so I'm extra nervous about being back in a classroom.

Good luck!


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I have my syllabi, too, and I've been filling in my calendar with assignments/tests/quizzes. It seems like so much! I hate group projects, too, but writing papers is kind of my comfort zone so that doesn't bother me a lot. But oh my gosh, there is a super lot of stuff to keep straight!


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i know i have been debating if i should start my calendar !


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i know i have been debating if i should start my calendar !

I did! It's fun. (Now, at least..) :lol2:


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Good luck on your courses! I got my syllabuses too and have been reading through them -- I'm super excited to start NS in the Fall!