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@dedicatedone, i know, you're completely right. I've already kicked myself and ordered another one :)

I'm just still getting used to this "one packet" rule.

Doula Kerry

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Hi all,

I'm joining this thread again this year. I'm a contender for the midwifery GEPN this year. I'm also applying to Columbia. I'm nervous but hopeful. I went through this process last year and feel better prepared this year for it. Good luck to all!



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hello all!

deadline in creeping up - i'm on track but feeling the heat!

what is everyone's specialty that you're applying for?



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I've decided not to apply. I'm really worried about debt and plan to work as an RN asap during the masters portion. Since you don't sit for your NCLEX until well into the first masters year at this program, it just doesn't work for me. Good luck everyone!


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sooooooo....how are y'all coming along on that essay? It's driving me crazy. Same problem others have mentioned - the difficulty answering all the questions as instructed, in order, while sounding reasonably coherent. I think I'm nearly ready to turn it in, though. I'm applying for the FNP track.

Where else is everyone applying? I'm applying to

1) Yale - best path directly to my goal of FNP, but expensive...and in frozen, unlovely New Haven

2) Duke - great FNP program, better location, but would actually enter an accelerated bachelor's first, and no solid promise of being accepted for FNP track directly. And it's expensive.

3) Univ of TX-Austin - relatively cheap, awesome location (where I live now) - but no direct FNP track, just an MSN. So I'd have to work a while and go back for the FNP post-master's.

I just hope I get in someplace, anyplace. I keep trying to tell myself I have a strong application, good scores etc, but the competition seems awfully fierce.

Just venting....good luck to everyone.

Doula Kerry

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I'm applying to Yale & Columbia for CNM programs and Bastyr and SUNY for their CM programs.... I'm not sure between Yale and Columbia which would be my first choice, I'd feel blessed to be accepted to either.


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I've applied to Yale, Columbia and UCSF for CNM (or CNM/WHNP, in the case of UCSF).

I'm trying hard not to come up with a "first choice", since I've only applied to three schools and they're all amazing programs that I'd be fortunate to attend. I'm trying to just let it all go now that I've applied and can't influence things one way or another until (hopefully) interviews roll around. I only panic occasionally. :)

Doula Kerry

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Does anyone remember how (if you've been through this process before) they let us know? Via snail or e-mail? I think maybe Columbia has a system in their computer. Or was Yale that way?


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Looking Ahead, I like your stance. Trying to adopt the "it's out of my hands now" mindset too, and just chill until we start hearing back...but yeah, the occasional panic attack still occurs :)


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Hi all. I am applying for the Women's Health Specialty. I was struggling a lot with my essay as well, and then I had a lawyer friend and newspaper reporter read over it for me. They both helped quite a bit, as both professions deal with getting language across in a succinct yet readable fashion. Just a bit of advice! Good luck to us all. I am applying to Yale and the University of Vermont.


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The more I'm thinking about this program...I am having doubts applying to Yale. I mean, the name speaks for itself BUT we are not awarded an actual degree correct? You are awarded a certificate?